Monday 28 October 2019

A morning up a tree with Tom Tom.

 This is my new cat who just wondered in and stayed, Tom Tom he is not very old and full of life and energy loves climbing trees no problem with the big ones but the little ones create a bit of a problem he falls off them but is giving up trying which was a pity because I would have got some very funny photos but he now knows his limitations.
 And is now comfortable with the heights
 But if he is like me the ground is always better
 Checking to see what has changed
 my very ugly little garden fellow had a new paint job looking much better now.
 A game with the beer fairy
 Well not for long

 But walking along the fence is a bit dicy at the best of times
Well goodbye almost time for a cat nap now.

Sunday 20 October 2019

My week and TomTom's many visitors.

This little fellow is being minded by the fellow down the road  while his people attend a wedding in Hong Kong but he is a very timid  and doesn't like strange people or places or strange ground so this is his mode of transport at the moment . He popped up to say hello the other day and I couldn't resist a photo  or two.

The next day a french bulldog and his master came to visit, Tom Tom was happy to chat and visit with these two but the weekend  Bow Peep and his foxie  stayed the night and that didn't go to well  Tom Tom didn't like her and the feeling was mutual  a lot of barking and hissing.                                 I also had a visit to the dentist so that was a day or two to get over .                                                       And a day out with my friend.  
Today is sit in the garden and soak up the sun.
and fiddle with the camera
I have a blob of light in the middle of my photos
but did git rid of it
after much fiddling

see success these are clearer

The weather is wonderful but we do need rain

Thursday 10 October 2019

Flowers in the garden, lunch out and the part time cat Tom Tom.

When we arrived home the garden was in flower

Red and pink every where.

And a touch of blue.

Lunch out with Barbara her daughter her grand daughter and her great grand daughter.

This Tom Tom
He visits most morning eats a bowl of cat food spends a couple of hours with us and moves on to his other home or homes.

He  likes a cuddle and a sit on your lap for a while, but since Pidge died a couple of weeks ago it been lonely so I enjoy his company.

The beer fairy likes him too