Sunday, 31 August 2014

The last day of winter, tomorrow is spring.

 The sun is setting on a perfect day, no rain temp about 22c and lovely sunshine all day.
 And as you can see not a cloud in the sky well that means a cold night.

 My november lilies are all standing up, a lot of the leaves and all the flowers were cut off after I transplanted them, there are three large pots and all look fairly happy.
 and my new daisies look ok too, they were in woolies for a few weeks and looked like death warmed up and were going at a bargain price, they looked so sad i felt sorry for them.
 The spot were we sit on the rainy days or late afternoon you get the last of the sun and it's under cover.
 Drummy out the front doing a bit of snail and bug hunting, she likes to debug before any weeding is done and as she eats spiders I don't mind.

 Kidney keeping guard in case someone wants a fresh chicken dinner.
 The bottlebrush is flowering.
 and so is this wild grass it will soon be everywhere

 The young fellow next door and down one has moved his front lawn strip .
 looks like he is going to water his front lawn, maybe not if it's like my garden it should be ok for a few weeks as mine was swimming in water a few days ago.
This is a ground cover that takes off in wet weather, it's done quite well in the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bathrooms, fences and front verandahs.

 My bathroom is a bit odd no real cupboards to store things so it's a bit of a hodge podge but I kind of like it.

 Where as my sons has a proper vanity.
 But I do like the shower it's so open which I find refreshing as I often find showers a bit enclosing.
The house on the corner is almost finished, it's not too bad but I still think it's too big for the size if the block but this guy who is moving in when finished has 4 kids so he will need the room.
 These two Mcmansions I don't like at all.
 We have lots of varieties in fences.
 Pickets and these metal jobs are popular.

 This ones side and front verandah are the fence a bit to close to the passing population for me.

 the owner of this house often sits on this bench and reads the log is a footstool.
 I stood under this tree often to shelter from the rain and if I  don't hurry up I will get caught again, the sky is blacking up.

 This is a great fence just that little bit different, the guy who lives here is a opal miner so he is often away.
 This little white fellow looks after his family when he is away.
 Almost home
 My lavender is falling over because of the rain.
 This is another photo of the odd house round the corner but the fence is really odd.
 This is a sweet house but the fence and front lack of garden lets it down.
 But I like this house and garden always looks good, needs no special care just mow and trim the lawn every now and again.
Mine is overgrown and needs attention but it's just too wet.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Angus has fun days in the sun then the heavens open.

What to do with two pot drip trays, two candle holders and a broken roof.
It can be three stories
Or two, I painted it and left it outside but we had a small shower and a lot of paint washed off so I had another go.
But no rain today
Lots of lovely sunshine.

My garden boxes are falling apart, will see if I can make them a bit stronger.

 Angus likes a sleep on the warm pavers.
 Will you go away and stop disturbing me.
 Kidney off for a wander.

 Drummy looking for grubs and worms.
 Things have changed here, that chicken just kills all my favourite plants.
 Drummy's bed is very popular with Leroy
 But that was a few days ago, Angus has now gone home and today it has just poured rain all morning well at least I will not have to sweep the paths they are having a good wash.
 Puddles everywhere

 Even in my kitchen.

 But the other day I had lots of time in the garden, this is a bay tree from my sons house it took agers to get it out of the pot, tried not to do any damage to the roots so had to cut it out very carefully.
 And put some wood around my garden boxes just to give them a bit more surport when the rain has gone they will get a coat of paint.

 Angus is checking out new things in the garden and the new neighbours, he is a bit confused with all  the strange voice's that he can hear on the other side of the fence.

Well goodbye now I going inside for a nana nap looks like Angus is coming too.