Monday 28 November 2016

Household hints and my christmas tree.

I ran out of furniture polish so guess what I have some Olive Oil cooking spray I don't often use so that is my new furniture polish. 
My coffee tables look better than they normally do.  

 So I tried the floor
 This is before
 This is after who knows how long it will last but it has no smell which is good.
 My christmas tree not big but it is pretty.
And it has a very dull star on top.

Saturday 26 November 2016

Lovely summer days in the garden.

My blog is changed not sure why and I forgot to take photos of the twins, I forgot the camera so no update this week.
They had a very busy week this week their  first bus ride, first visit to a cafe and they went to my daughters work and had lots of cuddles they have a busier social life than me but that's not hard.
I spent most of the week in the garden mucking around the fairy garden was relocated it was in need of a weeding and clean up, everyone was pleased with their new home.
They were under the trees  but now the broms are living there, these were all in one pot so happy to get a bit more room.
The snail and her baby got a new paint job, so did turt he doesn't look to happy.

 The chinese garden is next it needs a upgrade.

 I like the shadows in late afternoon.
 Nice to wonder around and point and shoot you never know what you will end up with.
 Sun and shadows everywhere.

 Drummy keeps me company.

 Lots of new growth everywhere in winter there are gaps but all filling up fast.
 Drummy's friend was overlooking everything , he got a paint job too
 The grape vine is going well no grapes yet.
 My wooden paths are weathering to a nice shade of grey.
 A fire ban on now so no more fires.

 More shadows

Well that's it this week.

Sunday 20 November 2016

Just stuff.......

Waterfalls in the club they are everywhere nice in summer.
And penguins too.

Christmas is coming
but polar bears on icebergs now that's different well no maybe they had them last year too.

More penguins.
I often wondered how they got the stars up so high now I know, a portable cherry picker.

More lights and balls and things all bright and sparkly.

Frosty was there
Even a peacock and owl.

Even at the club there are signs
Maybe no one takes any notice.

They paint mould on the rocks so these fellows feel at home.
My tiger lily flowers, they are so pretty.

And roses they smell great

These are for River, The evil angels, some have lost their wings
or just one wing

but this one has lost her head, I know it's around somewhere and will glue it back on, if I can find it.
Unusual faces, they are very different.