Thursday 31 December 2015

Next door back yard clean up.

 We were trimming over where Derricks cage is being built.
The two young fellow who live next door were motivated and borrowed our cutters to clean their yard up, I think they got a bit carried away they had a massive pile of cuttings so the beer fairy offered to munch them up in the mulcher we worked all afternoon yesterday until the muncher said I would like a break now and stopped, he was all clogged up but all well now so will finish today.
This about half the pile so I had a look over the fence this morning not much left, that pile of sticks behind the clothes line was rather lush pine tree, hope it comes back as I know the lady that owns the house was very fond of it .
 I looks very bare now but they are not gardeners, and they can now get to the clothes line.

 Does anyone know what this and the following picture are I think they are trees of some sort most likely dropped by birds but I often throw my fruit seeds in the garden so far none have germinated but this year everything has gone mad.

 Bogie is flowering again.
 Four o'clocks everywhere

 Looks like I will have to do a bit of cutting back too.
Well smoko over back to work.

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Last two weeks.

Christmas was lovely.
My son and daughter in law were down from Brisbane.
We all went to my daughter and her partner's place for christmas dinner.
Salted chickens, roast vegetables and a very nice pudding.
But I did forget to take the camera so no pictures.
Pictures were taken and emailed to me, they were saved and put in a file but I have now lost them.
I had a dose of shingles and was not a happy chappy for a week or so,  they are very painful.
We are building a large cage for Derrick, my son had a cat enclosure for the cats over at his place he is selling so he has given it to us in pieces to modify for Derrick, I got pictures but who knows what it will end up like when finished.
Also pictures were taken of my sad bathroom, the spa is going,  just a shower unit, toilet and wash basin and some sort of storage system.
The spa was never used as not long after we started the bathroom we went into a very severe drought and water restrictions applied, silly thing it took masses of water to fill it up, a shower is always much easier and much quicker.

But I did have fun making a Japanese garden well sort or Oriental really.
This is on my pallet deck.

 Our new fellow is putting on weight.
 Christmas eve was seafood night, prawns fresh from the from the markets.
 Salmon for starters.
 these things with cheese melted on top all very yummy.
 My daughter in law did the cooking, always good to have the night off.
 Not sure what this is about, but the son likes to make faces, they take a while to grow up only 43 but we live in hope.
 I think she is dreaming.
 Still blooming they do last a long time.
 The new home for Derrick all I have to do is figure out how it goes.

 This is the door it's a big cage.

my poor bathroom
 This sand was sopping wet, most is scooped out now but everything has to be taken out but not till all is organised so we can still use the shower.
Sand everywhere.

Monday 21 December 2015


 My son and daughter in law are staying for a fortnight and headed off to work on their house this morning but were back in about 10 minutes with this cage, it contained a green parrot, with no water and not much food it looks like someone had dumped it there on the side of the road so they bought him home to us, we will keep a look out for notices of lost parrots but that cage was way too small and unless he was forgotten in a house move he was left in a exposed place in summer not good for a any animal or bird, so maybe we have another pet.
 Christmas donuts they taste good too.
 This is he in a bigger cage, named Derrick, the bird not the cage, OH he likes christmas cake, we shared a bit.
 He is a pretty boy.
 Just about finished but they were the softest pink.

Sunday 20 December 2015

Back home again.

I'm back home again but haven't been on the blog for a few days, I so far behind I will start from here, my little furball was not talking when I came home, this is a catty way of ignoring you I think.
Big big storm the day after I arrived.

Tried to get pictures but only got foggy windows.

But you get the idea, and afterwards so so humid.  
This is my sister back yard so different to mine very neat tidy, I have always loved the stone wall, it looked wonderful in the storm just like a waterfall.
The guest staying area, three bedrooms a bathroom and a sitting room all very nice .

But the wall is the best part of the whole house.
I will  take you for a wander, lots of cool areas but needed as it does get very hot.

My sister cutting flowers for the house, a few gardineras well that's not spelt right but you know what I mean those white flowers that smell great.

There is a wombat that often makes a mess here but I didn't see him just the disturbed bark.

And  a few clouds and sunsets to finish up with.

Bye for now, will try and catch up with all my reading but if I miss you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.