Friday 25 July 2014

Just things.

These are the doves that live in our back yard most of the time and eat Pidge's food much to his dis approval, I like their marking on the neck mostly they are very shy and I don't get this close.
we're getting better at selfies.

Well sometimes.
 These two are waiting for my breakfast, they eaten but will hang around waiting for any bits that come their way.

 My laundry, I'm in the process of doing a good clean out and freshen up.
 It's also a tool shed and toilet, it's twice the size as the kitchen.
 The toilet was originally a outside one and they just built around it many years ago.
 Of course these two were very helpful at least they stayed out of the way and discussed the world problems.
 This a very nice little thing I picked up somewhere, I always wanted to do something with it but haven't quite worked out what yet, I always wanted to do a water feature with it in well one day.

 If only my kitchen was as big as my laundry

The saws are alway handy, you just never know when you will need one, well thats about it for his week maybe next week will be more exciting.
 I might win lotto.
The writing up the top is now orange.

Saturday 19 July 2014

Time spent with Angus.....

 I have been visiting my daughter and her partner and of course Angus.
 It's cold we all need our blankets.
 If you are missing for five minutes Angus jumps into your spot.

 But he is a good looking fellow.

 My daughter
 Her partner, he has a new computer, lots of downloads being done.
 Just don't leave your chair, next to the heater what a good spot.
Bye for now, time for a bit of a sleep.

Sunday 13 July 2014

Baby it's cold outside so I'm not going out.

How to take a unflattering picture, get up drink coffee and sit on the computer you are bound to get company if you stay there long enough as you can see plenty of sun but not much warmth.
Leroy would rather sit by the fire or on a warm bed but as I've done nothing this morning and she is not happy to sleep in a unmade bed it must be made, I think because in the past she gets all warm and comfortable and I come along and make the bed.  

 My son and daughter in law are visiting for a couple of days so today they are cooking breakfast as you can see my kitchen is tiny, my laundry is bigger.
 So I'm taking pictures as there is no room for me in the kitchen, these came from Holland bet that was a surprise, they are very cute.
 this a fancy toilet roll holder from my sons place
 and my boats in a bottle, my eye drops live on the hole in the marble, always easy to find perfect spot.
 My daughter in law made this I might have shown this before, they are not cobwebs in the left hand corner i just checked I have no idea what that is.

 this was once a clock.

 the ice cream doll got a new hat, she needs a jumper , she must be cold.
 her summer hat
 a place for umbrellas.

 people we have known
 my butterflies
If I ever have a grand daughter I'm ready but if it's boy maybe some changes, we have a big burley construction worker who often stays overnight in this room when he works late, he likes the bed it's very comfortable, he is usually referred to on this blog as Bo Peep by the way he still hasn't found his sheep well not all of them but that's another story.
Breakfast is ready now so I off to eat, bye for now.

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Rainbow visitors, the garden in full sun and sore nose almost better.

 My trees have lost all their leaves, we have 6 to 8 weeks with full sun in the back yard in the middle of winter it really is the best place to sit.
 So it's morning tea and lunch spot by 2pm the sun is gone and it cools off fast.

 Today the rainbow visitors are here to pinch Pidges food, they are so pretty but a bit shy not usually here when I sitting in the back yard and usually gone by the time I get the camera.
 They are not sure if they can get into the food and away before Pidge notices.

 They had a good feed, I sat very still and Kidney was sitting beside me they were not worried about the puss watching them but when Drumstick joined us they took off, well she is a bit noisy.
 My  daughter drinks this lemon juice and hot water and as I has a long running cold it's very beneficial, I am becoming very fond of it.
 My friend has given me some new paints so I try them out on my next painting.
 Leroy wants some attention
 Her noise is much better
This is painting I started a while back I finished it yesterday what you think.