Sunday 24 November 2013

Visiting friends and my daughters and her partners new house.

My daughter and her partner have bought a new house, it's much closer to the city centre where they both work so its handy for them but further away from us they were just down the road and around the corner, it's a lovely little house very compact and just right for a couple and their dog.
These are the pretty door knobs on the bedrooms.

This is the tiny basin I have ever seen in a bathroom to me it makes sense. 
I like the bathroom floor the colour is a bit different and I like the border.
Bars on the window so you never had to shut them so always fresh air circulating.
Angus pictures have pride of place.
and have you ever seen a more interesting tissue box, it's catbus.
The kitchen lounge room and dining room are open plan.

The laundry is in a cupboard all tucked away when not in use, what a good idea.
So the kitchen is big with plenty of cupboards make more sense than my place my laundry is twice the size of my kitchen.

There is a small garden easy to look after and a place for Angus to sun bake or relax in the shade on hot days, he can also keep a eye on the people walking past as he can see out of the back gates thats always interesting for a dog they like to watch the passing parade.

There is also a herb garden in a half wine barrel very handy to the kitchen.

And other bit and pieces that make the garden a pleasant place to sit.

And a tiny fireplace.

I also went to visit my friend, her mum has been in hospital and she has been very busy lately so it was good to catch up.
Her sister has come down from the country to spend some time with her family.
and this is her 96 year old mother she is much better now and looking wonderful.
This tree was once on the neighbours land but has grown so much in the last few years it is now on both properties, this is one big tree, it's hard to get it all in one photo so there is a few.

Lovely and shady in summer but blocks the sun in winter, that's a four story block of flats next door and the tree is almost up the top story and has a wide spread.
Well that's it for this week we had more rain but the sun is out today and we are in for fine weather for a few days so I'm going to do some stuff in the garden while it's sunny.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Very rainy days and a few sunny ones

Monday it just rained all day I went out to check the mail and I got wet doing that so I just took some photos inside, Angus went home on Sunday, he is adjusting to his new home it won't take him long lots of exciting new smells and things to explore. I was just checking out his picture in the craft room, guess I was missing him a bit too.  
And missing my daughter and her fellow too as they have moved further away, there is glass on this painting and you can see me taking the photo.

I don't think I have ever shown this painting before it was never right and now these two have separated so I don't think it will ever get finished.

This was once a clock but for some reason I think the hands fell off so I painted a picture in the frame.

Angus and Drumstick met in the backyard on Saturday afternoon.
Not to much of a problem Angus was interested and Drumstick just ignored him.
She just went about her business
but did follow him around a bit

I did paint this chair for my daughter with some oil and varnish and make a seat pillow.
Angus and Drumstick
I was cleaning the loo and was going to add some smelly stuff but this little spider had moved in and I left the top off so he could climb out but he was not in a hurry it took a couple of days, I have all sorts of reading material in my toilet.

More rain.
But today was sunny and Leroy was sun baking most of the day, she even has a teapot in case she wants a cuppa.
The beer fairy suggested we leave a egg in the area where she is laying so she doesn't change the nest area, that was a good idea because she kept changing and we had to find the new area all the time, we have now had 9 eggs in so many days .

My bathroom had a bit of a change around and new purple towels.

And the guest bedroom too had the bed moved I found a pair of sunglasses and a dollar, it's always good when the maid gets paid.

I have to get help to hang this picture up it's very heavy but the beer fairy is still asleep.