Thursday 28 March 2013

My holiday is Sawtell.

Last week I spent some time in Sawtell up on the north coast of NSW. It involved a train trip of 9 hours up and 9 hours back in mainly rural countryside so I took some photos out the train window not all worked out too well but here goes.  The country is green usually by this time it's brown and thirsty as it's the end of summer here.

We have had a lot of rain and in some areas there is flood damage, I tried to take pictures of the creeks that wind around these areas but the train is pretty fast so I often just missed out.

It's very restful to wiz past rolling hills and I often had little nana naps to pas the time an hour in the plane but you see nothing of the countryside.

Of cause I had to check out the garden .

I really like the stone wall that runs down the side of the house.

They have houses on each side but the back fence keeps the cows out from a large paddock, they come and bang on the fence so you don't get to sleep in and kookaburras sit on the fence and laugh early in the morning all unusual for me.

This is my sister and her hubby the paper must be interesting this morning.

This sad looking tree was blown over in a storm so they chopped off most of the branches and replanted it and now it's it has tiny new shoots everywhere.

Me  at the local beach, this day it was very windy and just a tad cold, no one was swimming.

A lovely long beach and no people it's not like this in Sydney.

My sister and her hubby

If you follow the beach it becomes more rocky a great place to poke around.

Storm clouds rolling in time to head home.

A calm place to bring small children to swim away from the wild surf.

Saturday 16 March 2013

The first day out in the garden and a broken bra.

This is Mal in her first day out in the garden. She is the shy twin but she was the first out to check out the garden.

Just watching the little garden critters.

This is not a very old bra joined with weak material it just fell apart, things are not very well made these days.

Just some garden pictures to finish up with.

I held the camera with my arms held tight against my ribs do you think it is better I do a bit clearer. 

This one too, late afternoon is a lovely time in my garden.

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Friday 15 March 2013


My garden table was in a bad way weeks of rain and humid weather had taken their toll, it was wood stained but had gone a very dead colour and would needed a lot of sanding to bring it back so I just painter it lavender to cheer it up.

When the weather is nice it's a good spot to sit and paint also lunch it nice out here under the trees.

As I'm off to visit my sister for a week, up the coast, it's a nine hour train trip but you see so much of the countryside, I will enjoy the trip. This is my christening photo I 'm the one in white not looking to happy, my sister is the a picture in lavender and mum and dad looking very young, love the hats.  

This was a painting of us in Hyde park painted from a little photo.

As you can see the twins are settling in.

These two are having a chat, I just like this picture, what do you think they are saying. 

Monday 11 March 2013

The beer fairy turnes 61 and other things

This is one of the twins my two new cats they are sisters and look so much alike it's hard to tell them apart, this one is Mal she is very shy and the only way I could take her photo was on the computer and hold her she runs away when ever I point the camera at her, the other one likes her picture being taken. 

Happy birthday beer fairy he is now 61, do you like the sparklers on his cake. 

We are having a mimi heat wave at the moment too hot to paint so I finished 3 walls round the top and will get back to it when it's cooler. 

I moved all the furniture into different spots and gave the room a good clean, it gets dusty with not much use these days. 

If you look carefully you will see a huge spider, this is why this part of the garden is so messy while he is here I am not, I don't want to kill him so I will wait till he moves on that should be soon as the weather get cooler.

Just some photos of my freshen up guest room.

I have this bit to go.

These three clowns are a having a chat. The one in the middle is telling a tall tale I don't think the other two believe him.

I got the thumbs up from the bed of nails.

The little doll is retelling the clowns story.

Hoodini likes this room the best at the moment.

She often sits at the window but will not go outside.