Thursday 18 February 2016

My week so far.

My daughter has taken out some of her birds nest ferns so I have taken them home, she is replacing them with lawn.
She kept one and gave me two, I have since planted them out and they are doing OK.

Boo peep turned up on Sunday wearing this odd hat which he bought for a dollar at the markets so I said put on a silly grin so he did.
We have nearly finished the home for Derrick, but Drummy likes to have a look to see if it's going ok.
Looking around to see if the structure is safe.
Not happy about this floor.
Even Pidge is overseeing the job.
Oh I guess it will do.
The beer fairy is having a smoke and water break.

 The cage is furnished with logs a shelf and roof and a floor now, just the front to go.
 The bathroom is coming apart slowly.

 Found two beer bottles behind the walls no beer in them.
 The floor matches my laundry.
 This morning Boo peep pulled out the spa bath and we found a nest of some sort in the sand under the spa bath most likely mice but this sand is very wet, the spa had become separated from the waste and there was a leaking into the sand and a leak also in the wall from a pipe, the beer fairy soldered  up the hole and all is well, the plumber is due on Monday  all should be dry by then.

 As you can see the spa bath is huge it took up most of the bathroom.
 And while shovelling the sand and taking it outside I noticed Derrick was very quiet, he was in his old cage sitting in the new one which was to be finished off this afternoon but to late, he has escaped, opened the door and flew away, we are all upset and hoped he would come back but no such luck so far.
 Finished the sand removal and the floor is drying.
It's been a busy week and a sad one with the loss of Derrick.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

We found a plumber and a fireplace

Hope he is a good one but you just don't know.
I didn't feel right about getting a picture of him, but I will somewhere along the track.
He is a older Australian and now likes the smaller jobs where the younger ones like the bigger better paid jobs and he works in copper pipes everyone now uses plastic as it is cheaper but not as long lasting and comes in many different sizes and all our pipes are copper so it's not so expensive to remodel the ones we got.
Now I've given him the job and agreed on a price rang all the other plumbers and cancelled their appointments the only problem we could have if he doesn't turn up again, that has happened before but I'm pretty sure this bloke will be ok.  
 While cleaning up down the side of the house a place where no one goes we found this old fire place,  I didn't know we still had it, the middle bit is around the wrong way the beer fairy informs me.
Derrick spent the day under the trees, nice and cool.

He will go up the top garden tomorrow.
This is the right way round, guess that does make sense, might use it as a garden thingie or put it on  E-bay.
Busy day today so bye for now.

Sunday 7 February 2016

Busy and getting nowhere.

This will be Derricks new home his tail has grown so long it just doesn't fit in any parrot cage so he is getting a beer fairy special.
We have a floor and bit's of wood cut to size. wire, branches etc now all we have to do is put it all together, well wish us luck.

he says hurry up no he is waiting for his daily fruit it's green grapes today.
All my bathroom furniture is together.
A plumber parked his truck out the front of our place yesterday we thought he was for us as a friend of the beer fairy said he would send someone around but he was doing repairs to the place next door but we asked him a opion on our job, he was nice but boy was he odd, I showed him my vanity and his said he doesn't do wall waste outlets only floor, so he is out of the question as his idea is we don't use the one we want but buy another one to suit him. I asked him if he could give a idea of what the job would cost but he said he had no idea could be up to $10,000 DOLLARS, so I tried all the people I know and there is so much construction going on around here that they are all employed and busy at the moment so will try the local paper next week.  
This is what my vanity looks like in the Ikea book, and it's made of wood not chipboard, the main reason why I want it plus I like it.

I will let you know how it all turns out.

I need a bex and a good lie down, do the still sell bex.
Bye for now...........

Wednesday 3 February 2016

While waiting for a plumber, wiling away time in the garden.

The waiting game has started, plumbers they are as rare as hens teeth and they know it, I have put out feelers with people we know next looking in the local paper but the local paper is not the same one as it was last week we once got the Parramatta local but they are changing our councils and we are becoming a new area joining with Auburn and a few other areas to form a new council, I see a method in their madness Auburn council are in lots of trouble maybe this will solve all the problems, maybe.
So I'm doing some garden work or sitting down thinking about it.
Lots of growth because of all the rain we have had.
But nice and cool in here.

This is how much rain we had in 5 days I emptied the pond last week and it's under a tree.
Things are disappearing into the greenery.

Everything is messy and birdseed spilt on the table is growing.

The Jackerander lost a few branches in the wild winds last week.

The beer fairy's bike is being grown over with creeping charlie.

This was the storm lots of rain thunder and lightning.

This was about 3pm the street lights turn on when it gets dark not at certain times.
And Pidge was caught up in the tree, not game to come down to his bed, he has been missing a bit lately maybe a girlfriend or getting a bit old and getting lost, he was missing for 36 hours after we came home from the zoo the other night very rare,  he is always home by 6pm in the summer 4pm in the winter but storms he home before the rain hits.
I've got corn and pigface growing in the driveway on cement.

My favourite spot for a cup of coffee but Leroy likes it too, so I must share and wait my turn.