Friday 30 May 2014

Leaving Sydney and Tumbarumba.

The weather was lovely, sunny and warm.
Still good travelling along the Hume
Not much traffic
not shaping up too good here this was building up fast
Nothing happened for a while but we did strike rain lots of thunder and lighting and bits of trees all over the road and cold, cold winds.
This was my bed companion, she sits in the corner and watches over you, the beer fairy was smart he took his sleeping pillows and a sleeping bag and slept in the loungeroom in front of the wood fire, lovely and warm but it can get a bit too warm.

The beer fairy, the son and the brother.
Me and my brother in law, he had a stroke 4 months back but is coming along nicely he is still easily tired and has no use in his left arm but will get there with effort he is a fighter and his wife is very encouraging so progress is pretty good.
This is a tiny shed or a playhouse for the grand daughter

Lots of little thing in the garden for me to check out.
The house next door, I rather like it and it's for sale but they are rather more than I thought in such a small town maybe because they are close to the snowfields.

It is still misty and rainy.

My sister in law,  she is very busy and won't let me help not that I'm complaining I don't mind sitting around.
This is the thriving town centre of Tumbarumba "see I learnt how to spell it"
The PUB, always important in a country town.
I was amazed at the amount of traffic this is a small country town at the foothills of the Snowy mountains away from the snowfields and no real tourist attractions but it always has lots of people around.

We went for a walk in the local park
It has a very fast little creek but I think this little bridge is cute.
This creek moves along very fast and there was a no fishing sign but I forgot to take a picture of it.

They have walkways
and a flooded skate park

The rain was moving in again so we went off for a coffee to warm up.

The next day wonderful sunshine, but this is their wood shed so you know how cold it does get
Their back yard
I would have such a big garden, but frost is a problem and sometimes snow.
still it is a good size, they like lawn much more than me.

but I did bring some of these things home
these suckulants are hard to kill not so easy to spell, so i will give them a go at home.

Next doors garden is interesting

Here is the four rogues out the front, not sure why those two are shaking hands.

Monday 26 May 2014

Tumbarumbar I could never spell that right.

I be away for a few days, I'm off down the Snowy to Tumbarumbar to visit my brother and sister  in law with the beer fairy and my son, will take many photos and show you when I get back.
Have a good week love Merle................

Thursday 22 May 2014

Just hanging around the house and checking out the the new house.

 It was a sewing week Angus got a new cover for his mattress and a blanket to match.
 This doll a new dress, jacket and hat , she gone all trendy of cause she has little hair at one time my daughter must have been considering a career in hairdressing as a few of her dolls are a bit short on hair.
 this one only got half a body, I can't remember if she ever had any more but I will give her a bottom half with legs if I can figure out how, maybe she never had a body just a head and hands, lots of make up so I think I made the top half, I think they are surposed to be boobs but got a bit flat over the years.   .
 I made two new pillow cases.
 Then wondered outside to get a picture of the new house on the corner, this is from my backyard. .
 This is with the zoom on, glad I don't live next door, they would look straight into my back yard, no more nude sun baking or naked rain dances.
 These are air circulators for a roof conversion, they work pretty well there is three but you can't see the other one from my place.
 Where is the truck tyre all gone this stuff grows well.
 But my lemon tree is not well, what is wrong with it.
 This is the corner house from the front that wooden structure is I think a toilet, normally you hire a port-a-loo but they didn't, I pretty sure they have a bucket inside, it's a bit of a worry.
 The house itself is shaping up nicely.

 Not sure why these two pictures of my loungeroom are here but I have been thinking about getting the floor done it's never been vanished but it's such a disruption.
Oh I  recovered this little chair

 To brighten it up