Thursday 19 July 2018

A walk along Duck Creek, a winter storm and a new path.

Barb and her hubby came over on Tuesday so we went for a walk along Duck Creek she took lots of pictures and I took a few her are always better than mine. 
 Our local creek, it's pretty down here when kept clean  once it was a dumping ground for all sorts of things but they have a team of people who clean it up a couple times a year so much better than it was. 
 But we did find clothes in a tangled mess not sure if someone was living here or this was a bag of stuff dumped here.
 I like these bull rushers but the do slow the flow down and I think the flow is pretty slow to start with.
 A outlet drain from somewhere maybe  storm water.
 Wild orange sky lots of thunder and lighting and maybe 10 drops of rain but it looked like we would get a downpour.

 I put cement blocks down for my path the wood just rotted away.
 Angus is always checking out anything you are doing not very helpful but often in the way.

 This was the wood all crumbled away, it was treated pine so white ants don't eat it but it still rots away if wet for long.
 At least the cement won't rot.

 My assistant is taking a his smoko as he doesn't smoke sleeping in the sun is prefered.
 The last of the compost bins are gone
 Just bits of wood now
 And it's getting dark so I'm heading inside.
 Cold here at night.

 Thats all for now.

Friday 6 July 2018

Augus in the garden

These little fellows are not happy about the move I lost a few in the last couple of years.

He does not like the chimes a lot of barking when the wind blows and they tinkle .

Today reached 25c a new record for the middle of july a wonderful day to be outside,
Angus and I spent the morning outside cleaning up leaves and pottering around.
My flash is going off but Angus is still a good looking dog for his age.
Most of the morning he relaxed in the sun, he does that very well.
But kept a eye on what I was doing,
I moved the fairy garden

My daughters  tree is doing well the other one is just a stick but might come round in spring.

This area has a lot of dead wood

Overgrown bogie with thorns so you must go slow
The compost bin is rotting away.

Leroy wandered out to see what was happening  but didn't stay long back to bed for her.