Monday 23 September 2019

QLD holiday

I will be missing for a week off to Qld to see the twins and their mother and father and my son and daughter in law a family get together on the farm.
Just checking the camera

and saying goodbye to the many lizards that live here, see you in a week.

Sunday 15 September 2019

Days in the spring sun

We have had wonderful weather in the last week so time to get stuff done in the garden
Morning tea chair Pidge often joins me for a drink out of the bird bath.
This is all clipped back and bark added it's a bit on the bright side but will fade slowly to a more natural colour.
I working around the garden slowly cleaning and replacing dead plants.
On cooler days i finished my painting.

This drawing looked a bit odd I think the hands are a bit to small.

Often if you take a picture you can see things differently, do you like the frame I made that.

Sunday 8 September 2019

The first week of spring

Boo peep little mate spent the night with us last Saturday afternoon and night , while his master went out with his kids for Fathers Day she was very good but she watched the door waiting for her mate to come home.

 She likes warm pillows.

 Barbarba and I went to see the entries for the archiebold  art prize in the Sydney art gallery  we stopped for coffee  these two fellows were stealing sugar, they took the packets and opened them and took them up to higher ground to enjoy them.
No  photos of the paintings you are not allowed to take photos with a camera but people do with a phone, they had 900 odd entries and showed 51 not really fair they should show more than that.

This is my jasmine all out in flower smells lovely but plays up with my nose as I get older.

This my painting of Susie .

I worked on it a bit more and now I'm happy with it, not much more to say it's been a quiet week.