Saturday 16 September 2017

The last 2 weeks.

I like this fence is just a bit different and very neat, mine is falling over so I will get a new one soon, maybe.
Wilbur on the swing, he is such a big boy now.

On the way home from the park I took odd shots of the neighbourhood.
Some tall pine  trees.
Love this balcony

Schools have water tanks now
This tree is growing next to my house I had no idea it could get so big.

Sign of the times, we often took a shortcut through our school to the bus stop not allowed any more.

Some are very private

This one is for sale interesting old house but on a very busy road.

Love the door and window screens.
The mural has seen better days could do with a freshen up.

The smell is lovely.
some houses are tiny
street flowers

Can you see the mischief

On Wednesday last week we went to the zoo
We saw the big male elephant

The babies were impressed
Well a bit anyway
the big turtles
very slow but very impressive
A lazy Hippo.
there was a baby one in the water diving but I must of missed him.

A baby elephant
with his mum
family together

and of course these fellows

Well that's bye from us.