Friday 25 May 2018

A day in the city.

On Tuesday morning I met my friend Barbara and we went into town to check out the paintings in the Archies, a wander around the city a few hours in the art gallery lunch another walk around and home a full day with lots of exercise. 
I'm having trouble taking photos inside for some reason this worked but all the photos inside the Art Gallery did not for some reason, so you will miss all the entries. In the past it was not allowed to take photos but now they do allow now it only you are not allowed to use a flash. We did spend the afternoon in the domaine and early morning wondering around Sydney so I  just took outdoor shots.

I can not read this sign or remember what it said but it must be interesting as I took a picture of it.
This is a bubbler such a lot of decoration and coverage so you can take a drink in privacy.

These houses are right on the edge of the CBD worth so much money wish I owned them.

Stopped for morning tea interesting wall they also had a bookcase with books, now that was a good idea.
Interesting owl picture do not know why he is called mr black, but it was a coffee cafe.
This is first fleet house all the first fleeters were recored here as the beer fairy's relations came out in the first fleet on his fathers side he was a convict that explains a lot, so I looked his name up, there were two recorded so not sure which one he was but when your name is John  Turner I guess that is to be expected.

Bikes everywhere a bit of a eyesore.
The entrance to the harbour tunnel I think but it is very quite so maybe I got it wrong.

Our city skyline with a burnt match and a live one
These birds are always grotty to look at but here they were very clean looking and very friendly.

Well I sure didn't take cuttings but some one has.

A Freckle plant is not a freckle plant unless it has lots of freckles so this one makes the grade.
Old old trees with lots of stories woven into their trunks.

Sunday 13 May 2018

Happy mothers day.

Seeing I won't see my grandchildren  today I spent the day drawing  them.
Well I did see them on face to face early this morning.     

They are going to a farm today with animals, they will love that
I hope everyone has a lovely mothers day.

Monday 7 May 2018

Two weeks worth.

   I'm missing my babies, mum and dad and the twins have arrived in NZ and settled in.
It's been two weeks, first the computer died along with my phone there was a problem with the wires or conectors outside so telstra had to fix it that always takes forever but they got here eventually.
My oldest cat Kidney has gone missing she has not been to good lately so it was not a surprise but she is well known in the neighbourhood and no one has seen her but it is very sad . 
I've been keeping busy, my chairs and table are getting on a bit 35 years old so they were looking a bit shabby so a good clean a quick sand and new varnish has picked them up.
There is lots to do in the garden as I not done much over the last couple of years.

I do the pruning but just been leaving it where it falls.,a big clean up is under way.
The pond has been empty for some time, I would like some fish.
Will have a burn off as it's cooling down now, and no fire bans on any more.
This tree will have to go, does any one know what these lumps are ?
It grows mainly on the shed, but it must be putting strain on the roof.
Still plenty of sun the days are mild but not much rain around

Pidge is still going strong but we have no idea how old he is or how long they live.