Wednesday 27 February 2013


These are the chinese decorations for the the start of the year of the snake at the club, aren't they pretty.

It has rained for a couple of days more or less constantly, we have floods everywhere the highway up north has been flooded even the railways were cancelled for a while with landslides and floods everywhere.

My gutters can't cope and we just cleaned it out.

Too wet to go outside so I took some pictures out the windows.

These are my ceilings they all need painting I just realised it's been a long time since these have been painted, I'm not good on ladders I don't like heights so I never get the urge to paint them but this autumn I will try an get them done. 

This one is in the dinning room, my son painted this one but we have a fireplace in this room and we use it a lot in winter and the paint is always discoloured it's easy to clean the walls the ceiling is too hard, they are higher than they build now and the patterns are so interesting and are no longer done in the new homes.

This one is in the main bedroom they look almost Egyptian with lion bodies and people faces and wings so different to the other rooms, I made the light shade it matches the curtains when the light is on the room is in a warm red glow, the walls are red, I call it the red light room.  

This is the craft room and where I paint and sew, I like this pattern do you think it could be a lute.

Oh look it's stopped raining I can go out and play. 

Friday 22 February 2013

Look what I found-unfinished painting

This is a painting I been working on forever I don't think I will ever finish it.
Tell me whats wrong with it

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Not sure what to call this.

I took lots of photos last week but somehow I  managed to lose them in the computer so Angus and I did a tour of the garden this morning to fill in the gap but there were a couple of the club that I managed to save.
This is some of the in garden area in the club.

The entrance to the chinese eating area.

Many many colourful fish.

They have a few waterfalls and a glass fronted lift.

In case Dr Who wants to drop in for a drink or whatever.

This was a picture I painted that I Never liked so I  cut it half  reversed the two pictures  and framed it and put a panel in the middle the same colour as the wall what do you think I like it better now.

Just a couple of paintings that I did a while back that I do like.

The garden tour.

Kidney came too.

The four oclocks  have gone mad.. ..

This is a choko I  planted the other day, it needs a lot of surport to start with because the cats will did it out if they get the chance.

A sweet little fern that just grew in the pot.

Many flowers on this hibiscus this year.

This is a flower on my elephants ears,  I  only got one other.  

End  of tour  time for a cuppa .