Thursday 29 March 2018

Waiting for the mats to dry.

Angus and I are waiting for our mats to dry, I just shampooed them they were a bit smelly,  sometimes  Angus leaves a message inside and the cats not to be left out will do the same. So I'm playing around with my camera doing a few selfies, turned out better than usual at least I'm in the middle.
I getting a very weird look from Angus.
I painted these little fellows for the garden, sitting in the hallway to dry.
Just taking odd shots.

Just took the plastic off the shower we finished the bathroom 2 years ago, I didn't realise there was plastic on it for about 6 months

Strange light shade in my craft/guest room.

The dart board wondered where I put it now all I have to do is find the darts.
Iron lace on the spare bed my sons he left it behind., a bit hard to make pillows cases out of.
Well it's bye for now,  I not sure what is so interesting about the floor but Angus sure is interested.

Sunday 18 March 2018

Back to the garden and a rat hole.

This is a rat hole, I'm cleaning up the garden so that means moving things around and I found this .There is a tunnel under the shed wall the rats were living there when the shed was full but when the son collected all his stuff all the moving around disturbed them and they were turning up everywhere we invested in a lot of baits and most have now gone to rat heaven, but we are still finding traces.. Lots  of broken things , they have done some damage.
The fairy garden has moved to safer ground.
Most of the plants have thrived, the beer fairy doesn't water much I sometimes kill things with kindness and they rot away, so my time with the babies have most likely helped the garden.
We have Angus here for a couple of weeks as mum and dad and the twins are in NZvisiting with the grandparents.
Every morning I do  a clean up as if I don't, I will step in it.
I  moved the wheelbarrow and the tyre went down so it will never move again.
Los of sun today 40c expected, last heat of summer but they told us that a couple of week ago.

The pond is draining.
This is the top garden very overgrown
you have to fight you way in.
so much growth.
I cut all the jasmine off my arch it looks a bit wonky now.

The winter table so sunny but to hot in summer, so not used in the hot months.

 There is a Angus in there you can just see the white feet.
He likes to walk in front of you and stop or go so slow you have to stop.
You will get a lot of the garden over the next few months the twins and their parents are moving to NZ in May to live at this stage it is only for 12 months but if it all goes well they will move for  longer., well bye for now..

Saturday 10 March 2018

Crown of thorns colours, Wilbur's new smile.

These are for my friend Barbara see lots of different colours.
I was very impressed i've never seen these plants so healthy or with so many flowers.

Here we are out and about, they are getting very heavy to push now.

This is Wilburs new smile with the tooth missing he is very cute.