Sunday 26 January 2014

A week and a bit away.

I will be on a week and a bit holiday up on The Barrier Reef.
No computer so I will be missing for a bit but will take lots of photos until my battery runs out  of course it's raining at the moment but I have hopes that will not be the case where I'm going any way see you in a little while.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Cooler days the house next door at lock up stage and the garden getting better.

I was making the bed but Mal is in the middle of a good clean up and just doesn't want to be disturbed.
And from the look I'm getting I might just go and get breakfast and leave her to it, hot weather makes cats cranky or thats been my experience, this one remembers all wrongs against her and bites my feet in the middle of the night if I stick them out for a cool off.
Kidney has just been next door checking out the new house, no workmen there today nice and quiet.
not so good at balancing on a narrow fence.
And digging up the garden always fun.

A little project for indoors, a wash, a sand some blue paint and decorative wallpaper borders and a new shelf for the bathroom  not too good outside at the moment so indoor jobs get done.
 Rain last night the Broms are full
 They do have amazing flowers

 I done a bit more to my gate cover, side surports and a coat of undercoat but now it raining hope it was dry before it started.

 This poor little thing has suffered badly from the heat , hope it gets better.

 The grape vine likes the hot dry weather and has done well this year.

 these little babies are doing well I have 3 out of 12 cuttings.

 My only flowers on mass, even the blue and white plumbago is not as good as usual.

 The house next door is all finished outside and they are now working on the inside, we went in for a look the other day with the owner, the plaster board was being installed he has no idea when it will be finished but no one is worried or in a hurry.
 Everything is perking up now with the rain.
 and lemons they are still small but haven't fallen of the tree

 It's all so cool after all that heat.

 and water in the bucket so we had reasonable rain last night

This is why the bed get made pretty quick, two on the bed and one around the corner waiting to move in but if the bed is made the find other places to sleep.

Wednesday 15 January 2014

A slow and very warm week

Another very warm week, high temps over in Western Australia a couple of days ago are now hitting us not as hot as Melbourne I think thats where they are playing the Tennis that's got to be uncomfortable for players from the northern hemi.
Even Pidge was hot he did something I have never seen before, he took a bath.
First he sat fully in the water then by the time I got the camera he was drying off on the side in the sun but it must be too hot so back in he went.
He did this about 5 or 6 times so he had a lovely time, this is a bird that goes to bed when it rains and stays there till the sun comes out again.
Not known for his love of water
He wasn't happy about the photos don't think he like it being recorded in his wet state not as good looking as he usually is.

Drumstick doesn't mind she likes the camera. I just moved some pot plants so I could paint the gate.
As a experiment I painted the side gate red so i am going to paint all the gates red now.
There are three.

And this is my completed sudoku, my first one usually I get cranky with them and throw them in the bin.

 So it's up on the wall, I must admit it's in the easy section of the local newspaper but for me it's a pretty good achievement.

 A lot of the plants are back in position but no painting done on the new roof area yet it's just too hot.
 But I did finish the gate.

 This is where the other gate goes, mainly to stop Angus going down the side of the house when he visits.
 As you can see even the tree has trouble providing shade the sun is very strong at the moment.
 and it's losing leaves faster than normal.
 Leroy has found a spot on the spare bed under the window with a cool breeze coming in every now and again.
 Ah to be  a cat they do know how to relax.

 and Mals found a nice cool paint tin to lean up against, I had every intention of doing so touching up but just too hot.
 so I spent the morning here with my book and my book of puzzles and the insect repellant
under the open windows with a nice breeze every now and again.