Friday 31 August 2012

Last of the backyard clean up

We are back to bare earth here maybe ferns or something that likes shade. 

This was loaded up and roaring, there was a burn off in the blue mountains yesterday and the day before so it was a good time to finish the burning you can see the size of the logs.
The beer fairy job was to get the chain saw working it look some time.

This is not working and my brain hurts all was well in the end the chain saw did the job, maybe quicker with a hand saw

This is the vege garden but the cats idea was it was a toilet so the plants had to have covers the old gates worked well.

Saturday 25 August 2012

Auburn Gardens.

Today we went the Auburn gardens.the cherry flowers were out.

This is Shara and Andy.

They have few little waterfalls but the water is a strange blue colour.

This fellow was quite happy to come close and have his photo taken.

there is also a small zoo with a few wallabies.

And swans.

This was a hungry peacock.

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Busy week

I moved this chair into my lounge room for reading by the window.

Pulling out weeds by my birdbath gave me an idea maybe if I put seed in it the birds would stop stealing pidg's food.

This is our grape vine we are hoping for grapes this year, last year was a bit of a loss.

Not much wood left.

This is lunch and refreshment area, note coke cans and hand cream.

Also the front needed some weeding and new bark, a friend gave me a yellow rose if it takes it will look nice with the blue plumbago.

The front screen door had a makeover a few weeks ago as you see I keen on red at the moment. 

New shoe holder.

And mat.

And light.

I also joined an art society and they sell paintings in a shop in Parramatta so  I was going to give it a try with these 3 paintings what do you think.

M & M came to visit and had a bath he quite likes them and he loves a brush.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

third week of garden clean up

Angus came to visit this week so Wednesday off no work just play with him.

Kidney is not coming out to play she will just watch. 

The same with pige

These are two little people that had a bit of a paint job to brighten them up.

The little girl is very cute.

I have some great looking mushrooms.

And a new baby duck.

This is right outside my back door

A ponytail palm

The only flowers I have at the moment.

These are the only birds our pet pigeon will allow to stay in his backyard these ones are china he chases all the others away

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Backyard Clean Up

These boxes  will be my new vege garden the ground is full of tree roots so when you dig you damage then.

The last of the wood to be burnt I must admit it looked better with all the vines and flowers growing wild over the pile of wood than now.

A few stumps left on this side and my resting chair.

I have just worked out how to make the pictures large so I enlarged some of the rest of the garden for your enjoyment I not sure what the beer fairy is doing maybe counting his fingers.