Friday 1 January 2021

The garden last year almost dead this year lots of growth.

This is my wall very sick and chewed out but we have murdered all the white ants so far well the pest guy did and ok to rebuild the wall as there is now no sign of them.
The beer fairy bought me some jigsaws for my birthday kept me busy for a while.
and i had to move a lot of the garden away from the outside walls as the house was not getting enough ventalation so it was moist all the time white ants like dampness.
we took out all the panels that were eaten away they are wood so we will replace them with plasterboard.
one jigsaw finished

second jigsaw finished

This was the worse one 

We cut the cladding away from the ground to allow more air under the house much drier there now.

most likely put plastic lattice ther to neaten it up but still allow the air in.
Here are some nice relaxing garden pictures as everything is growing well we had lots of rain not like last year when we were ringed with fires and no rain in sight and the garden was slowly dying