Tuesday 24 April 2018

Last weeks in Sydney

The twins and their parents will be leaving Sydney in a week and few days to start their new life in New Zealand, the first  pictures were taken in New Zealand at Nanna's house  but that is some distance away from where they will be living.

Clemmy has a wonderful smile.
Wilbur alway looks so worried like the worlds worries were on his shoulders but when he smiles the whole face light up.

Such a cutie.
She likes to point a lot.

This is a great photo, I didn't take it and below rolling around with a sheet on the floor always fun.
Eating marshmallows and driving the cars now thats serious stuff , oh the phone ringing I should answer it. 

Monday 16 April 2018

The smell of fires and the early morning garden.

I awoke this morning to the smell of bushfires, thinking the house was on fire I had a  good look around and couldn't find any thing amiss so put it down to smoke from the bushfires down south. The fires are some distance away, last night they were under control but we had wind last night so maybe they flared up again. It is late in the season for fires but because we had a long hot summer and little rain it not surprising the bush is tinder dry and there is talk they were lit by some idiot.
So grabbed my camera and took early morning photos of the garden, I like the garden best in the afternoon the sun gets under the trees and you get interesting light displays and I usually take pretty parts these are the wilder parts.

There is a definate lean on my arch the jasmine has become to heavy so I've started to prune it off.

This is my driveway it's all cement from the house to the fence, it's old and cracked and things grow in the cracks., I wanted a garden by the house and a tree or two for shade, the pots form the low garden, the cement is very thick and it's a big job to break it all up and start again so I'm just leaving it to grow its own way.
This tree is one thing is not in a pot it's growing in a crack .

Not sure where this grass came from but it grows well down the driveway but it's impossible to transplant it just dies so I just leave it alone, I like its furry seed pods.

The lemon tree is full of lemons .

Friday 13 April 2018

Last week.

 Our skyline is changing these are 15 story buildings going up at our railway stations.Three new buildings all units, when we moved here 28 years ago you could not build over 3 stories how things have changed.
 Cranes everywhere

 I met my friend Barbarba, and we went over to the twins place so she could see them before they left for their new  country, two weeks to go or maybe three.

 This was knitted meat in a shop window not sure if it was a butchers, yarn shop or a cafe but it was a very different display for a front window.

 We did some shopping and played in the park for a while then headed for home.
 This morning I woke had breakfast came back to make my bed but it was unavailable because there was a Leeroy in it.
 I painted my toilet and put new floor covering down.
It feel cleaner anyway.
And cleaned out the pantry, threw out old stuff, my daughter gave me a box of food she will not be able to use.

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Eating ice blocks in the back yard.

Leeroy has claimed the bed as her own since Angus has been staying.
The babies are home from their NZ visit they came to pick up Angus .
My daughter and family will be in Sydney for another month then move to NZ for at least 1year maybe permanently so lots of twin pictures for the next 4 weeks.
This is the dirt table I often leave dirty things here, Clemmy like to check it out when visiting.

Wilbur is a bit grumpy today such rosy cheeks.
My new mushroom .
A nice fresh ice block on a hot day.
Wilbur showing the proper way to eat a ice block.

the height of fashion the beer fairy in Clemmy's hat

sticky ice block mixed with a bit of dirt
men discussing fashion advice.

Not the best way to hold a very cold sticky ice block.
Clemmy's got it right.

Put that tougue away you are not getting any of my ice block.