Wednesday 25 December 2013

Christmas getting ready and lots of rain

Twis the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stiring  not even a mouse but out in the garden was a different matter, Leroy captured one and Kidney somehow ended up with it then she lost it, so now the mouse is hiding and they are waiting for it to come out, fat chance if I was the mouse I would stay where I was.
I saw it dash up here
but they are staying with the bits of wood.
Anyway it's getting dark so I'm heading inside now, I will leave them to it.
 Well it's now Christmas day my children and their other half's have arrived, my son the one in blue has been here for a about a week and his wife the one wrapped in a blanket arrived last night they are from another state where it is warmer and for some reason we are now having a cold snap after the heat wave and it's pouring rain, the other two live in Sydney so are used to crazy weather.
 This is before our christmas dinner.

 And of course Angus was here too.
 My daughter looking sweet, guess her age.
 Her partner looking amazed
 This is a great picture but I can't turn it round.
 Murder in the kitchen, the beer fair is making oysters kilpatrick everyone else is mucking around
 For dinner we had
King prawns
Long leg crab legs
Oysters kilpatrick
Roast chicken and baked vegs
 Brownies and ice cream and tropical fruit salad
 getting into the christmas spirit.
 Angus is resting he had bits of everyones dinner.
 This lot have discovered some very funny adds

 So now my son is showing them to me.
 very amusing
 This is why we can't have dinner out under the trees lots of rain
 The same thing happened last year.
 wet christmas day, who would have guessed but we need the rain.
So no complaining, hope you all had a great christmas mine was and now I'm very full of lovely food.
Happy new year.


  1. So happy you and your family had a great Christmas.. It is still early Christmas morning and everyone here is still sleeping.. I am enjoyed visiting your blog and meeting "you" . Looking forward to seeing more in 2014. Happy Holidays and New Year!

    1. Merry christmas to you and yours we had a good year, and I enjoyed my blog very much this year, it like a window into other peoples lives I feel I got to know many people.

  2. You asked for rain and I sent it on down. :-)
    Hope you had a lovely day.

    1. Thank you for sending it.

  3. Gorgeous looking day - and family.
    We had been promised rain, but got cloud and less than five minutes of drizzle. Sigh.

    1. We had lots but all gone now maybe going your way.

  4. Hari OM
    Oh this looks like a family Christmas should!!! So glad you had fun together and that the climate cooled things down for you. We are just coming to the close of our day; a slow and easy one (for me at least!). It turned out to be a mild and sunlit day after flurries of snow the last few days... so the craziness is everywhere!! All love to you and yours, YAM xx

    1. A good day was had by all lot's of slow eating and sitting around just perfect.
      The rain set in and was very constant at night time but gone this morning.

  5. Pleased to hear your day went well. Six is a nice figure for dinner.

  6. You are right six is just about right for my dinning room, it is not big.

  7. Regardless of the rain it appears that you all had a great time nevertheless!

    Merry Christmas Merle :)

  8. Oh Angus, you made our day! Mac says Merry Christmas!
    Merle, everyone looks so happy to be just together! That's what the Season is all about!
    All the best to you and your loved ones,
    P.S. Did they get the mouse?

  9. Not as far as I know, they don't eat them, cats are cruel they just play with them so I often rescue them but I have a lot now .

  10. You all look so content after the lunch, even Angus. A wonderful day with family.
    Your yard looks lovely even with rain, who would have thought you'd get rain two years running?

    1. As a child it often rained at Christmas, I remember we always went swimming on Boxing Day but were never allowed if it was raining.

  11. Merle
    What a pleasant Christmas Day and a mouth-watering dinner. (I just got up and I'm starving) Rain and snow, in fact any moisture is welcome in my neck of the woods. We used to have lots of snow but in recent years, snow is very sparce and we get just about no rain in the summer. I hope they caught the mouse but if not, there is always tomorrow for mouse-catching. Haha

  12. The mouse lived for another day or two they can catch it in the future.

  13. Those cats of yours look like they are ready for that mouse! You had such a nice day on Christmas with all your family around. So glad the rain came, as we need it very much.

    Happy New Year, and I wish you peace and joy all year long.


    1. Thank you I wish the same for you and your family.

  14. I hope your Christmas was as fun as the photos indicate!! :)

  15. She is adorable and I have no idea her age. She can't be older than thirty, can she? Sorry about the rain, but I suppose that it doesn't matter if you are all together inside enjoying such wonderful sounding food! Happy New Year, Merle, to you and yours!