Wednesday, 27 December 2017

What has been happening.

It's been a few weeks, the beer fairy has had a few days in hospital he was having chest pains and with heart problems in the past no one was taking any risks they did lots of tests and  the doctors were happy it's not his heart more tests coming up to find out what really caused the problem, they also changed all his medication he is now on a lot less tablets he is coming good slowly. 

This was Christmas day, the twins and their parent had dinner out here after lunch it was time to explore the back yard.

As you can see it was cold,  the day before 42 but on Christmas day 20, crazy weather  we are having here and this little bloke and I have colds nothing worse than colds in summer and changeable weather conditions doesn't help

The beer fairy has a full beard and longish hair he was going to play father christmas but the little fellows were not to happy with Santa when they had their photo taken with him just like their mum she didn't like santa much when she was a little.

Go  away granny I'm reading.
Did you not understand I'm reading.
Poor Wibur looks like he is ready for a nap.
just asleep on his feet
Still reading granny.
New shoes

Clemmy found her feet about 2 weeks ago.
Still likes to have a chair handy for support.
He would make a great Santa if  a bit on the skinny side.
Having a bit of a chat.

That is the cord on my camera must taste ok.
It's hard to take photos they like the camera they like to help

I enjoy a tasty rock

I'm not sure if Lee roy is waiting for a important call or just resting.

Granny this fruit doesn't taste good, not surprising it's plastic.


  1. Glad that the Beer Fairy is starting to come good - and hope the speed of his recovery picks up.
    Love the twins. Of course. And how lovely that Clemmie too has found her feet.

  2. Hari OM
    Sending good wishes that the healing continues for BF... who does indeed look like a spare Santa! Children add something to Christmas; I am sure it was tiring but joyful for you all. Here's looking forward to 2018 - may it be filled with more joy, health and photographs from Merle's yard!!! YAM xx

  3. Hope the Beer Fairy is much improved.
    The little ones are so sweet, bless them.
    Your cat looks relaxed by the phone.
    Happy New Year to you all.

  4. Oh dear me, I hope all turns out to be nothing too serious at all. My husband had tons of tests run for chest pains and it turns out to be a combo of a little acid reflux, stress, etc. so they will just see him each year for a "hello" and a reminder to get off the couch sometimes. :)

  5. LOVE Clemmy's little attitude there, "still reading Granny".
    Looks like everyone had so much fun, too bad about having a cold though.
    Hope the beer fairy is okay.

  6. Love the photos of your grands, Merle. Not so much of the facially hairy Beer Fairy.

  7. thats pretty scary stuff with your husband,, I hope they soon find out whats going on and his health improves! Such beautiful healthy babies, they are gorgeous,, so is Lee Roy!!merry Christmas to you all,

  8. Hello Merle, I am glad to hear your hubby is improving after that scary episode. The twins are just adorable, I smile every time I open your blog and see the header. The Beer Fairy would make a great Santa! I hope you and your family had a happy Christmas! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  9. The twins are totally adorable, Merle. What joy to see them growing and getting sweeter every day. Hope your holiday was wonderful! Susan

  10. So glad to hear the Beer Fairy is doing well! He does make a great Santa! The twins just get cuter and cuter. Love those rosy cheeks and chubby legs. Their little outfits are darling, too. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  11. .. hello Merle ... xxxxxx.. I'm so happy to see your Christmas Day ..... the twins are stunning and so interested in everything .. great to see the Beer Fairy looking so fit .. hope he stays that way .. xx hope you and Wilbur loose your colds soon ..
    Have a great New Year ... xxx hope to see you soon ... Barb.. xxx

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