Saturday, 2 December 2017

My bridge and the latest twins.

While driving around we drove across the bridge  I will take you along too.
Approaching the bridge
going past the pylons
under the arch

Going out the other side
North Sydney
Work on the expressway

The rock on the side was green, is it copper or something else.

now babies

Playing on their little bed it was just to hot outside this week, not sure what Wilbur is doing maybe try to stand on his head.


  1. Great photos of the babes. How quickly they grow. Now, what is this bridge you are talking about? :-P Love the bridge shots too.

  2. Hari OM
    Ahh. Good ol' Sydney Harbour Bridge... but what's the new flyover bit for I wonder? Great smilies - complete with toothies!!! YAM xx

  3. Hello, the twins are adorable. Neat shots of the bridge. Have a happy day and new week ahead.

  4. That bridge has a lot of impressive structural stuff going on. Glad I'm not in charge. Your babies are as precious as ever.

  5. that green stuff looks like the stuff they spray over here to make grass grow along the side of the highway,, its a very big bridge isn't it,,

    those babies, oh my gosh,, they are so so sweet, beautiful healthy babies,, you must be over the moon you lucky woman!!!

  6. The children look every so sweet.
    Went for a drive with you across the bridge - have done that in reality several years ago from south to north and through the tunnel another year, no problem.

  7. Your bridge photos are great, you have a steady hand to get such clear pics. The beautiful babies are great playmates.

  8. Loved coming along with you over the bridge, Merle. My Mother hated bridges and would freeze up and panic whenever driving over one. We never wanted to be the passenger :) Oh, those babies are just too darling. Love all that chubby goodness!

  9. this is wonderful bridge my friend!

    crossing this master piece must be quite fun as i loved it's structure .

    thank you for sharing these most beautiful images ,they filled my heart with peace and glory ,so precious !!!

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