Wednesday, 5 September 2012


This is my little houseguest for a month while his owners are in America .

joining with trish at....heart & home


  1. He looks like great company, Merle.
    You might not want to give him back when the month is over, lol!
    Such a cute little fellow :-D
    Thanks for linking up to Heart & Home.
    Have a great day!
    love..Trish xx

    1. I forgot to tell you..
      I just added your link-up to todays post.
      You and Barb had linked right at the very last moments of last weeks Heart & Home.
      Now you are both in the current one :-)
      Good to see you there, Merle.
      Trish xx

    2. Hi Trish,
      Barb came over for a 1- 1/2days for a break she showed me a few things I didn't know but we have different computers and things are in different places so I not sure yet I have to fiddle for a bit before I work it out but it's fun trying.
      The little doggie has settled in very well he likes company and there is a lot here not so much at home because they both work, I will be able to have him over for visits as the yard is set up for him now.
      Love Merle........

  2. Thank you Merle, I enjoyed visiting you! love,andrea