Tuesday 25 September 2012

Leeroy Kidney & M&M playing in the new garden.lEE

Leeroy checking out the top garden.

This is very pretty when in flower I not sure what it is called.

This is my wren house I had to replace the roof as it had fallen off and decayed. 

A few new mushrooms and turt.

This is chocolate mint I have never seen it before I will try it in drinks in summer.

3 new plants

M&M looking cute

more mushies and turtle.

I need a light  or candle at night.

Kidney watching everyone she is a born boss not a worker.

M&M sleeping box when he stays at my place we added a front deck he just got it too messy.

A new pinwheel daisy

The boss has given the ok.

Lets fight over the bucket.


  1. Hi Merle..looks like the Top Garden is a family affair...enjoyed by all...that's if it's ok with the Boss.I like your little bird house.Love Barb

    1. Hi Barb,
      It a great place in the mornings and afternoons but too hot in the middle of the day, that is in summer right now it's good all day. The bird house is sweet I nearly threw it out because I didn't think I could repair it, I used some bamboo from the garden, I was thinking of building a wishing well from what is left what do you think?
      Love Merle.......

  2. It all looks so lovely!
    The bark is great and the mushrooms make it fun and very sweet.
    I like the wren house.
    We have wrens in our yard and they've become our favourite little residents :-)
    We just moved our bird-bath from the front yard to the back so we can watch them play more.
    Do yours come to your windows?
    Ours love to scurry up and down the glass to clean off any little bugs.
    Love M&M's front deck - he just needs a little mat to wipe his feet on now, lol!!
    Thanks for visiting my Autumn Tea, Merle..it gets a bit confusing at times to know where everyone is but Sandi is an old blogging friend who lives on Prince Edward Island, Cananda.
    Her and Carolyn Aiken often mention Anne of Green Gables as she is the Island's best known character :-)
    Have a great day..Trish xx

    1. Hi Trish,
      Glad you like our top garden it was not being used going wild and only used to store wood, it so nice to sit there now. We get a few wrens now only in the last couple of years, I think that Pige chases the bigger birds away so now we get sparrows and wrens more often, there is a family that is there every spring and a lone wren who visits often. They are attracted by the berries and lots of bugs in the trees but don't come near the house, maybe the cats are a bit of a turn off.
      The day started good but looks like rain now.
      Love Merle......

  3. Your garden looks great--and your dog and kitty cats are so cute! They are cute playing together :)

    1. Hi Karen,
      The cats live here but the dog is only visiting while my son and his wife are visiting your country, he goes home in a couple of days I was happy they got on so well.
      Love Merle....

  4. Hi Merle....M&M is cute but Kidney is the pizazz! Loved seeing all your photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks, too, for your visits, comments, and for Following my blog! Love when you stop by. Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      Kidney is a real strong personality she was adopted by the beer fairy, he was a truck driver and he found her in a transport yard very young and very hungry she was a real mess and mad as hell she settled down a bit, the beer fairy and her are real mates. Leroy is her daughter and is very sweet.
      Love Merle....

  5. Such a lovely garden, Merle! Full of wonderful ideas! I'm inspired and soon as my finger is healed and have the cast off I am going to get busy with my backyard! Finally the summer heat of the low desert of Arizona is leaving and temps are suitable for fall planting! Enjoy your new space!

    1. Hi Gen,
      Sorry about your finger hope it is better soon, it's so good just to be outside after our winter it was a cold one this year.
      Love Merle....