Friday 6 December 2019

More smoke and lots of fires.

Sad to say not much has changed we are still very much in drought and bush fires ravage the outer areas of Sydney. long dry days filling our skies with smoke and dust. It means not much to do , and not much energy to do it so sitting around and chatting it the best way to spend the day, we have a spot in the driveway which catches all the cool breezes and we can watch the people passing by not that many are out and about lately but we had a few days of clear skies, Tom Tom spends most mornings asleep in the spare bed but when the weather is nice he will climb all the trees
 and chase lizards and anything else he can find but tries to catch birds if possible sometimes he does but mainly they get away he has a noisy bell to warn them.

So I followed him the other day and took some pictures he is a energetic little bloke.

But comes down for a chatj
Our driveway you can see across the road but not much further.

The colour is back again and the smoke so thick it shows up as cloud from space or so our news said tonight but no rain expected.

Crazy patterns on the ground

A bit clearer today but a yellow tinge in the light.


  1. Hari OM
    another pal was showing all the smoke - up at Newcastle. It's just horrendous. My asthma kicked in just looking at such photos! Am putting thoughts up from my side that rain comes your way. (Tho' Mahal and hubby were withour power for several days after the mini-cyclone last week... if it's not one thing it's another!) YAM xx

  2. The news about the fires is horrendous, and just gets worse.
    Stay as cool as you can.
    Tom tom is a cutie.

  3. Tom Tom is handsome. I do hope some relief comes soon. That smoke is awful for all of you.

  4. He's a handsome cat, that fellow. I hope you get come clearing and cooler weather, sooner than later.

  5. The "M" that's marks a true tabby is very clear on Tom Tom.
    I've seen the fires and smoke on the TV news. I'm hoping for a good solid downpour very very soon.

  6. We have been inside a lot this week because of the smoke too, I hope good rain comes to all of us soon.

  7. I see your smoke and feel your pain.

  8. So sorry to hear of your wildfires and damage. We in California sympathize.

  9. It grieves me to think of the suffering being brought about by these awful fires. It also grieves me to hear of your cat wreaking havoc on the wildlife of your area. Study after study has proven that bells are ineffective in warning birds of the approach of a domestic feline and the toll on them is nothing short of tragic.

  10. I enjoyed seeing the photographs with Tom Tom.
    I pray that you may soon get rain and some relief, that smoke is not good.

    All the best Jan

  11. The pussy up the tree having a great time.
    I bet you are so tired of seeing smoke - it's dreadful I believe and is the drought..