Monday, 19 August 2019

Winter will soon be over.

The sun shines and the days are sunny and warm for winter but come 4 o'clock it is freezing but I'm doing stuff in the garden while the heat lasts lots of the trees have died so it's clean up time.
This was dead moth vine and the bogie is shooting after the big cut back

Everything is covered with bird poo and pine needles the fairies are not happy
And Pidge and the beer fairy having a cuddle.

I've had a few fires burning off the dead leaves
I like taking pictures of the smoke
and it's warm

nice to sit and watch the flames

I done cardie's for the twins good knitting weather at night, unicorns for Clemie, and monster trucks for Wilbur..

Slowly getting the garden all tidy many dead leaves.

 Pidge has a new home he has been moving lots of twigs into the shed behind the doors stacked up across some boxes nice and warm and out of the wind but we can't shut the shed up as he comes and goes as he likes.
Here he is in his new bed.


  1. Those cardis are gorgeous.
    I like pidge's comfortable new home.
    Winter will stay here for a while yet. We reached a top of 9 today.

  2. I'm glad to see Pidge is still with you. I like the photos that show large sections of your garden all at once, so much to see in them. I love the cardies.

  3. Hello, your tidy garden looks pretty. Cute photos of Pidge. THe knitted cardis are cute, I smile every time I see your header photos. The Grands are adorable. Have a happy day and a great new week!

  4. Hari Om
    Meanwhile, we are falling into autumn far too quickly! Great work on the garden - pidge is cute - trust the BF is doing okay? And your good self of course! The kids will love their new cardigans. YAM xx

  5. Good to hear Pidge is still going. It looks like you worked very hard in the garden. Fire watching is very nice to do.

  6. What a big garden clean up, as every year. Pidge is a wise old man.

  7. What darling sweaters.
    Coffee is on

  8. thank you for Glorious images of you Beautiful house dear Merle :)
    i absolutely Loved visiting your yard ,i too love sitting in yard during winters :) the soothing sunlight and calmness is gift :) and you are blessed with it my friend!

    these sweaters are super cute and pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wishing you more joy and peace in life friend!

  9. Your knitting is really beautiful and I love your choice of colours, buttons and embellishments for each cardi. Your garden is looking so great too.

  10. I admire your knitting skills. Those cardigans are beautiful.

  11. Oh my, those cardie's for the twins are just adorable … fabulous knitting.

    All the best Jan

  12. I will be back in Sydney next July so I will experience what you guys refer to as winter! I am sure I will find it preferable to the days on end of forty degree plus temperatures you endured last summer. For me the perfect temperature range is from around nineteen to twenty-four.