Friday, 15 July 2016

Dreams and other things.

Dreams do you have them, a lot of people I have spoken to about them say they don't dream or do not remember them where I have a whole different life in my dreams. My dreams are mostly about a journey somewhere I never get there and there are always things put in the way does this mean I haven't reached my full potential yet well I had better hurry up as I'm not getting any younger, it's about 50/50 some good things and some bad I guess that is what life is all about.
This week was very busy the son and daughter in law's house was sold last Saturday and that was a Auction they all sold that way now, as no one knows what there house is worth these days when we bought our house the interest rates were 18% and prices were stable and didn't change much, the auctions were popular but they are a bit costly, the location means a lot these days and they pay a fortune for little more than dumps as long as they are in the right area, their house was really lovely but not super big as some of them and in the Parramatta area which is working class some as ours, they got a good price but no where near the million mark which is what everyone wants, I must admit the prices are cooling and its about time too.
The beer fairy went back to QLD with them for a visit and his brother, he and his wife spend the winters in Sufers as the winters in Tumbarumba are freezing, lots of snow down there now , I've not heard a word so everything must be going ok, he is coming back in a day or two so will get all the news then, my dragon is keeping a eye on the place.
I've had these little chairs for agers the dolls sit on them but I guess the the wee ones when they grow up a bit might like to sit on them.
My daughter gave me this chair she is finding room at her place for all the new baby stuff and I have lots of chairs but I do sit down a lot so they come in handy.

This one sleeps a lot.

This is now the baby's  cupboard.
My son's Snow walker I am very fond of it now but it will most likely go to QLD as they are now offically Banana Benders.
The house notice.

Mrs bag had a bath, she holds all the plastic bags from the super market, I use carry bags but the beer fairy still brings home plastic bags and I use them to hold the rubbish.

This is her second bath she was very dirty so was pleased to be clean again.
Painted my sun seat and fixed the back with no one to talk to, well the beer fairy talks a lot I got a few jobs done around the house and the weather has been cold so who wants to go out much can't wait for spring this year.
My daughters partner parents were over for a week from NZ so the four of them went up to Port Macquarie  for a few days so my daughter gave me a new little fellow for the garden so he joined the union meeting in the back yard I guess they will agree to his terms as he looks like he will take no cheek from the rest of them.
well that's my week, this week bye now.....


  1. Mrs Bag is lovely. And so practical.
    Love your garden as always. And I sit down a lot too.

  2. A nice news filled post. I think I should have a snow walker. I will be pleased to see property prices fall somewhat. If they continue to grow like a bubble, well, you know what happens to bubbles.

  3. Hello Merle. Your new garden fellow is a tough ol' bird and will keep order among his own, for sure. Nice post. Susan

  4. Crikey Merle ...... I love all your chairs. I like to curl up on chairs all the time. That one with the blue rug on it looks inviting but the one the kitty is on looks the best. Mrs. Bag sure looks happy with herself after her bath, aye??

  5. That's a fierce looking gnome! The rest of them will have to mind their manners. I love Mrs. Bag.
    I just put all my plastic bags inside one big plastic bag and when it's full I take it to the supermarket recycle bin.
    I dream, but don't often remember what I dream, I just wake up and know I dreamed something happy or something that made me jumpy.
    Glad the house sold quickly.

  6. Hari OM
    Well, he looks like a trouble maker if you ask me! heheheh... I'm a fan of chairs too... Enjoy your few days of 'house to self'. YAM xx

  7. Hello, good news about your daughter's house. I like the gnome and the Mrs Bag. Interest rates are much lower here. You have a neat collection of chair. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. Hi Merle, I have the same dreams....trying to get somewhere but always distractions and obstacles in the way. Wonder what it all means. Your new gnome looks like he is taking no guff. Good to have a cute bag holder. I can't keep mine for long - they are used for cleaning the cat litter. Your bench turned out real nice! Glad the house sold! x K

  9. Yes sometimes I dream and it's mostly about work ( I retired nearly three years ago ) and they're usually not good dreams. The new gnome looks like he has attitude and seems a great addition to your collection !

  10. Oh, that garden gnome is so cute, Merle. He does look like he means business haha. I like the sun seat, that's charming. That snow walker is something else, how interesting. And I love all the sweet dolls that is now in the baby's cupboard.

    I have very weird dreams sometimes too, Merle.

    love, ~Sheri

  11. Hope all goes great for your daughter about house thing,enjoyed looking your chairs and other interesting stuff

  12. Hope all goes great for your daughter about house thing,enjoyed looking your chairs and other interesting stuff

  13. .. hi Merle... love that the house sold for a decent price.....I'd like a million for mine.. hehehe.. xx
    The baby's cupboard looks great.. shopping is different when you have grandchildren, you're always on the lookout for things for them.. xxxxx It's fun... xxx .. hugs... Barb xxx