Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sunny's smile.

This is next door neighbours little girl, her parents are from the middle east so she has a name I can't spell so I just call her Sunny because of her wonderful smile she is watching Drumstick eat the last of our silverbeet.
The beer fairy was remarking about those wonderful legs in the background, time he had his eyes tested I think.  
She was trying to make friends with my cats but they are not fond of little kids so they just ran away.

But just look at that smile, she gets it from her mum.
This is a doves nest I found but they are the worlds worst nest builders, I often find broken eggs on the ground so I think they just fall out of the holes in the nest,  she was sitting on it again this morning so she will give it a go and I hope the babies make it.

A young cricketer died this week after being hit by a ball, only 25 and so well liked by everyone, so very sad.
People have been putting out there cricket bats with their hats but I have no hats but this my sons bat he had when he was a boy, very well used, this is at my garden gate.
I'm still working on the laundry floor will be finished soon, I hope.
The tree is up and twinkling, it must go in front of the fireplace as it's not going to be used for another 4 or 5 months and I  can secure the tree to the hook so it won't fall over.
We have very small christmas stockings.

And other odd bits I have collected over the years.

Merry christmas, my sign is just that bit bigger than my doorway.


  1. You're right, Sunny does have a gorgeous smile.

    Heard about the death of Phil Hughes. Absolutely tragic. Good on your for showing your support.

    Your Christmas tree looks lovely :)

  2. I must echo Wendy right down the line. That little girl is a cherub.

  3. Sunny has her Mum's beautiful smile for sure!! So sad to hear o the young man dying, so sad.
    Your home looks beautifully ready for the holidays!!All you need is snow, could I send some, lol

  4. Hari Om
    Oh yes, the Hughes passing is such a tragedy and I feel so much for the young bowler... Sunny definitely fills that name!!! I have no deccies up yet... maybe tomorrow... YAM xx

  5. ... Hi Merle... your little neighbour is gorgeous...she does have her Mum's smile ... new friends for you and the Beer Fairy...
    Your Christmas decorations look the tree in front of the fire place....
    Hugs ... Barb xxx

  6. Mother and daughter do have the most beautiful smiles. Long may they continue.
    Another cricketer died yesterday. An umpire in Israel. So very sad when a game claims lives.
    Your Christmas Decorations are way ahead of me. I have only just started making Christmas cakes. You put me to shame. Soon. Ish.

  7. Oh Merle. The little girl is so adorable! And your Christmas decor is coming along nicely. Hope it's cooled down. We are buried in snow here! Susan

  8. Your tree is beautiful Merle!! And your neighbors are so very sweet!!! She is a doll!!! A very happy season to you friend! Nicole xo

  9. Mother and daughter both seem like happy people. The cricket bat is a nice and very original thing to do. I hope no mean spirited person steals anyone's bat.

  10. She does have a sunny smile! Little ones are so fun to have around. I had to laugh at the Beer Fairy's leg admiration :) Love your tree and banner. So sad about the Cricket player - a nice tribute with the bat. xo Karen

  11. Such a pretty little girl, her smile takes up half her face!Are they the new neighbours in the new house?
    I like your Christmas tree very much. I haven't put up any decorations yet, I'm still deciding where to put things so Angel can't get at them. Plus I have to get up on the BIG ladder to reach the Christmas cupboard.
    Have just now seen on the news that a young boy had his 'tribute' cricket bat stolen, so another cricketer took him to a sports store and bought him a new one.

  12. She IS Sunny. SO cute! Your cricket bat has so much character! That's a neat idea to honour the player who died.

  13. That little girl is a beauty, as is her Mum!

  14. How beautiful is Sunny? AND her Mum too. Those smiles would make any day appear brighter, aye??
    So good of you to put your Son's bat out to honour Philip. We've just driven through his home town of Macksville. Just so sad!!
    Your home is looking very festive indeed. Mum started to put our decorations up today. I helped her. Well at least I thought I was helping!!

  15. It is always an adventure when I visit your blog and catch up on your posts. Sunny is a sweetie, and your paintings are fantastic! You sure have an assortment of decorations. I am slowly putting mine out. It is nice to know it is warm somewhere in the world. Have a great holiday.

  16. Your home is looking festive for Christmas! Your garden is beautiful too, and Sunny is adorable. Have a Merry Christmas, Merle!

  17. Christmas time blessings, dear Merle

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  18. Your tree looks beautiful there before the fireplace. Fun to think that the fireplace will not be needed. A very Merry Christmas season to you.

  19. Your neighbors daughter is a cutie! Pretty Christmas tree! I must get my act together and start decorating my house too! Enjoy your day!

  20. Merle, you have your tree up! I'm hoping to get mine this weekend. Yours looks lovely with the gold tinsel. What a sweet smile your neighbor has. Children can tell a story with their eyes and smile. I really like that table that your stockings are hung on. It's dark wood, and I prefer that to all the white washed furniture that is going around lately. It looks like you have antique pieces, and those are the best.

    Enjoy this Christmas season, Merle.



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