Shara and I

Shara and I

Saturday, 13 September 2014

A wander around Petersham.

 On Friday my daughter was over my way so she came and collected me and we travelled on the train back to her place, she lives at Petersham only a couple of klms from the city, it's more compact than where I live but this is the area we lived in when she was a little girl, she went to primary school here, well close by, she always liked this area and wanted to buy a house here, so last year she and her partner bought one.  
On the way to her place I took some photos of things that caught my eye, I've always liked these one story cottages, they are small but usually go back a fair way bigger than you think.
 This is a corner house built right on the street maybe a shop in a past life.
 Weid fence this one.
 Cat's on the fence, wonder do the eyes glow at night.
 Most houses are very close together.
 I like the steps and front doors.

 Lots of large trees, the brick stack is straight maybe I was holding the camera at a bit of a angle.
 some old fashioned mansions

 and of course a hippy car

 I stayed the night and Angus went for his early morning walk then a game of  with my daughter, I think there are many holes in the ball but it still works.

 Then off for breakfast
 We all tucked into home made crumpets with honey and butter and very delicious pears, they were very good but very filling.
 This was painted on the brick wall across the street.
 Don't they look yummy
 Then off shopping I bought a new microwave.
 One morning last week it was a bit foggy but these colourful little fellows were having a good feed in my bottlebrush out the front.
There were 5 of them all chattering away quietly to each other, usually they are very noisy birds maybe the fog had quietened them down and it was very early in the morning.

This was as close as I came to getting a couple in a photo, if you look close there is another one in the top right hand corner.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Where do socks go and selfies in the sunshine

 Five socks, I pretty sure they were having problems with their other half's and separated but where are they, believe you I have looked everywhere any ideas where they could be.  

 Spring cleaning don't you love it, washing curtains it looks like the window needs a wash too.

 The selfies are the cats not liking get their pictures being taken, I was just having fun with them.
 Talk about ignoring me.

 Do go away I'm sleeping in the sun, what I do best.
 Leeroy is shaking her head that would be a no no no so I will leave them alone.

 Washing on the line not seen that in a while.

 Look what they do when I leave them alone, it's a bit blurry but they are dreaming you can just tell.
 My idea is to build a elf house out of this tree stump, I saw them on a blog and they are so sweet so i will have a go.
 They path is growing.
 And the tiles are disappearing slowly, I've broken one hammer, the sledge hammer is still missing but I can't swing it it's just too heavy .
 This my toilet roll storage.
You can see why building the floor up would be better, in heavy rain it can flood.
The kitchen and toilet are two bricks higher so they would be all the same level.
The next step is moving the cupboards, washing machine and all the bits and pieces do you think I will find the socks you never know.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Brief sunshine.

This was lunch pasta with bacon and mushrooms in a cream sauce, but the picture disappeared so did the pasta it was pretty good.
This is where Drummy lays her eggs and in the rain you get a shower every time you collect her rent.
And she followers you to find out what you are doing .
I hide it in the pot plant and pretend I'm doing something  to collect later.
I had a crop of toadstools up the back yard, half were eaten, Drummy must have had a good feed I was worried but they didn't seem to hurt her, hope they haven't poisoned her eggs, but these are safe ones.
Look at this it's the sun, it rained all morning now it's just beautiful how long will it last.
Even Drummy is amazed, she stood there and stared for a few minutes.
and this fellow is following it around
Maybe going to swing on the tree branch
My lime tree is full of flowers hope I get some limes this year usually I get about 5.
The tiles I'm pulling up it's a new path talk about recycling.

I'm getting there slowly.
Now that's jasmine, it smells wonderful, my son hates it brings on his hay fever.

But the bare branches and the blue sky makes a great picture.
The other trees have their spring leaves.
This is the other side of my bathroom

No one has ever used the spa it was installed in a bad drought and we had water restrictions so it was never connected to the pump the most expensive shower tray in the world.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath