Shara and I

Shara and I

Sunday, 19 October 2014

After the rain the rest of the week was pretty good.

Wednesday was rainy and overcast and Thursday just a bit cool by Friday we were back to spring weather so time to go and visit first to my friend Barbara's house.
She has a windmill too and it doesn't work but it's much more realistic than mine this one looks like a windmill.
These are pretty flowers you always need pretty flowers,
And I have always liked her mural just outside the back door.
These are nice green ferns.
And tis flower is just so lovely.

As are the broms

and we can't forget Kyton the dog he stood so still and posed for me.
Next it was off to my daughters house to stay the night, we had lots of chats and a very good Thi dinner.

Angus is always good for a few photos
I just like these things ,

Some new fruit trees.

On Sunday just down the road and across the street there was a wedding.
All the wedding guests climbed into the big red bus and the wedding party into the old english taxies.
There was a guy with a rather large drum and he banged away on it so most of the street came out to see what was happening we are a curious bunch.

And they rode off into the sunset and around the corner, hope all goes well for the young couple.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Big storms and bears in a tree.

 Monday night severe storms expected, we didn't get a lot of rain but lots of thunder and lighting and strange light so I tried to capture it but of course the moment I got the camera it poured so this is the best I could do.

 You can see the colours if you look between the leaves but being spring the trees are in full leaf.

 And the storm hasn't hit in full force yet.
But that was nothing like the storm we got on Tuesday night, we had leaks in the back of the house but there were floods, power blackouts traffic jams  and the the highway over the mountains was closed and they had snow.
We had a dry winter but did we have to get it all at once, this time last year the Blue Mountains were on fire it just shows you how the weather can change.
No attempt to get photos too busy with buckets and towels.

 Have you hear of drop bears, maybe it's these.
On the way to bingo we have been driving past one bear in the tree for some time, he or she was joined by a another a few weeks ago are they hoping for babies, well it is spring, but the brown one is very bashful.  
I wonder if they are still in the tree after all the storms lately well I will find out next week.

Monday, 13 October 2014

What do you think so far.

This was one of the paintings I tried to clean it but all the sky painting just washed off leaving gaps in the paint so I redid the sky and tree tops put windows in the house changed bit and pieces and this is as far as I got so what do you think, maybe a boat and some kids to give it life.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

A morning of chainsawing and shredding and some rather odd paintings.

 Boo peep turned up with some frames for me only thing they are huge and the paintings are still in them, he said just paint over them but I don't know should you do that. two are prints and one not signed so thats ok  but the two middle ones are signed so I'm not sure, what do you think.

Wheelbarrow trouble, loose wheel but soon fixed, of course a little help from me was needed one being right handed and one being left most things are possible.
 Is this chicken putting on weight she looks a lot fatter to me.

 A couple of hours cutting tree branches and shredding, the chain saw works very well since the blades were sharpened.
 And all the bricks were moved in the wheel barrow.

 Two branches had to go they were not too healthy and one keep hitting me on the head and as I shorter than everyone else besides my daughter in law, there could have been a nasty accident.

 Lots of shredding for the garden

 Such hot work maybe he is saluting I'm not sure.
A man and his shredder.
Sorry if this turns out small I 've pressed a button somewhere and everything is reduced.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Football and a day with Angus in the garden.

On Sunday it was the League Grand Finals.
This is the South Sydney Rabbits or the bunnies they won which was a good result as the bulldogs are a not my favourite team but I don't follow the league much only watch the finals.

The grounds

My dinner, pasta the beer fairy made the sauce, it was very nice.
The crowd
One of the fellows is leaving
This was a picture of something else but i'm a bit slow and got this instead.
Interviews after the game.

 I have made a step into my loo as my hip hurts stepping up a large step now I have two small ones, not finished all the tiles yet but all the loose ones are gone so not so dicy walking around in the laundry now.

 Beautiful day outside today.

 Angus is visiting two days and a night.
 He is finding things to eat, all our stale bread goes to Drummy and we had loaf go mouldy the other day, the weather is much hotter so bread now must go in the fridge and this was from a bread shop so not as many additives to keep longer.
 He is full now and has a dirty nose so he has been digging, also him and Drummy had a few words about who owns the bread so I removed all I could find to keep the everything  friendly.

 It's afternoon and I'm trying to capture the sun .
 Still very warm
 The beer fairy went up to the doctors for a blood test this morning it's a fair walk so now he is resting in his favourite spot.
 This is the best one my trees are all leaved up, lovely and cool under there.
 We haven't moved but it was a long walk.
 I've been brick laying.
 I have some bricks not enough to do my laundry floor so I will use them in the garden to neaten up the sleepers.

 Angus always knocks down my tile piles,
 Next job, these were compost bins but they are falling apart and drummy eats all the vegie scraps and digs them into the garden so no longer needed, but I will wait for a cool day.
 We are up and walking we both get a bit stiff if we sit to long.

This is the back step.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath