Sunday, 16 December 2018

Rain at last.

Well the christmas tree is up

The garden is messy but very dry , we had a very dry winter and spring and now it's summer the bush fires are everywhere lots of rain soon would help.

It's fareing ok  most of my garden likes it a bit dry.
and some has just gone wild as we have had a bit of a downpour in the early summer days.

the 4oclock's are eating the garden chairs.

Angus is still here for another couple of months it will be lonely when he goes to NZ, Pidge will be the only one left and he is getting on a bit we had him for about 7 years and he was full grown and very injured so I'm surprised he lasted this long but it's a ideal life freedom of the air, food and a safe place to go and sleep when needed.
I't hard to take a picture of this dog always got his nose in something.
LOOK at these skies black as black.
Pidgee is home, not good to be caught out in a storm.
15 minutes of heavy rain and the sky is a bit lighter but more coming
The garden is having a good wash to bad i just swept it all up a few hours ago.

My pond  was empty yesterday .

We need the rain but it will mean a big clean out now.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Last days in New Zealand.........

On the last couple of days I went out for dinner for a high tea very nice it was too, with the other grandparents.
W e went to a Tea plantation the grounds had lots of stuff to look at
This tea dragon and cup I really liked

Captain Cook  I think he turns up in lots of places
I caught the train back to Wellington nice to see a bit of the countryside.
The first car is open on the sides good to wander up and get some fresh air, while I was there a freight train passed by so we stopped to watch it pass.

Now you have pictures of green countryside ,

and deep valleys

and white cliffs

Very pretty countryside.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

A few days in Hamilton.

We are off to visit the twins cousin and his parents.
Pretty flowers.

This is one great fire engine
Who wouldn't want one in their back yard.
I'm off and racing.
This is Molly a very old cat who has been missing for a day or two, she may not like all these people staying at her place but she must of decided that we were not so bad.
A nice sunny afternoon.
I'm still getting over all the flowers on the lawns everywhere around here.

The little old puppy who lives here  too, answers to the  name of poppy.
Molly again she needs a good brush but I don't think she would let you.
There is a local zoo I only took a few photos there, the twins running down the hill.
and these fellows

Rain at last.

Well the christmas tree is up The garden is messy but very dry , we had a very dry winter and spring and now it's su...