Shara and I

Shara and I

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Who waves, happy Australia day what I did.

Happy Australia Day.
  After a morning spent in the club playing bingo we went to visit a friend  who lives locally he has a garden full of australian animals  the fake kind,  real ones will never stay but it's a very interesting garden, so I took some picture to share with you, The loo in the back yard is different maybe if you are working in the garden the house is just too far to go in a time of need.
There was once a stream and waterfall but there was a leak so no water in it at the moment.

This was in the back work area.
along with a slightly drunk fellow of the reptile kind.

the wombat is a cutie looks like a baby.

And who keeps all their rego stickers, as they are no longer used they will become collecters items

mirrors are always a nice touch to a garden
Not a lot of flowers but he is a guy living alone

Great pots.

Everyone needs a bridge and happy frogs

And a large kangaroo to guard the garden,.
I do like the mats in the entrance to the club and these bright yellow trees, very cheery. 

He spent half of the day at Bankstown sports club, it's Australia Day today, every Monday we come to Bingo here so I expected lots in the club with reference to our Australia's national day but all That was there was the Chinese new year well it takes all sorts.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Hot quite week

 This is one surley cat, the weather is hot and humid not anyones favourite weather.
 Angus doesn't mind too much, he has a new noisy pig that's always fun.

 not sure whats wrong with this thing but just ignores it, maybe he is just not into it.  Piggy and wheel are the favourites.

 The jigsaw is finished but guess what two pieces are missing, do you think the cats hid them on me they are both pieces of grass so I didn't notice till i was nearly finished.

I'm putting a whirly bird in my roof to allow the heat to escape quicker as it been a hot hot summer This year.
The cats sure do like the box it's in maybe I will never be able to throw it out.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Everything ok now, I hope.

 Well everything is working now, I've had so much trouble with the internet and my house phone, I lost all my pictures I had taken so I took a few today of any changes, my little mate Angus is staying for a few weeks while his mum and dad are in America, time with Merle and the beer fairy is always good he reckons and there are plenty of furry and feather playmates too.  Drummy's rooftop garden has really taken off but she sleeps outside in the warm weather, her little house is not being used much.  

 Hiding from Angus he does get a bit playful sometimes.
 He eats all leftovers he finds.

 These two little fellows I found the other day while out shopping with my son and daughter in law, just had to bring them home.

 Most of the tree is shredded but a bit left to be done.
 and the back yard is all cleaned up, the roof will be fixed in the beginning of February so no more leaks hopefully.
 done more of my jigsaw hoping to finish by the end of the week, not sure maybe lost a few bits.
 a new mat not the one I thought I bought but it's growing on me.
My friend gave me a unusual doll, I do rather like her she has personality.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath