Saturday, 25 November 2017

Riding in a police car and exploring the garden.

Camera malfunction here.

The cops are on their way.

The twins spent some time in the back yard this week

Wilbur is walking very well but Clemmy not so well she is still holding on to things to get around.
and not to keen on shoes but needed to be worn outside.

Clemmy like the little blue birds

Wilbur likes sitting down and playing in the dirt.
but we will go for a wonder and check things out.
Lucky these are fake chillies.
The lizard water bowl was popular too.
back sitting down for a rest lots of lizards in my garden now (the population has grown so much since Drummy died)  Wilbur liked to watch them running across the path.

cute as a button this one is.
run out of chairs to hold on to will have to go back.

They helped put up the christmas tree well not not much.
I have gates so that keeps them in a certain area and the cats have places to go when they are outside.

this is their area nothing too nasty here

But the little wall will soon be no barrier as it will be easily climbed.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Small update.

Life was very busy over the last two weeks, Wilbur had a night in hospital with breathing problems a lot better now but it's scary when things go wrong and they are so young, I stayed with clemmy, she was very good but a bit quite, missing her brother I think, she was very excited when he came home.The twins and their parents went on a weekend away to Melbourne, their first plane flight.
I had no photos on my camera this week so I have nothing to show you.
But you can answer a question for me I have watched a lot of house hunting shows on TV last week and over the last couple of months in all the American shows and a lot of the international homes they do not have outdoor clothes lines do they all have dryers, I love my clothes to dry outside but a dryer is handy if it rains.
Well that's it for now see you later.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

A few days at home and a birthday party, one year old.

Nana and granddad from NZ are over for a few days to help the twins celebrate their first birthday so I went home for a few extra days,  good to catch up on sleep but a bit boring without the two little honeys.  They had a party in the park with cake and nibbles very good it was too not to much for ones so little and the weather was good too. I took my camera but didn't take any pictures to busy chatting to everyone.
So this morning I wandered out into the garden to get early morning snaps.

Flowers everywhere even up in the trees.

And on the paths

My baby mulberry tree is producing fruit this year time for a munch.
This morning tea area but the chairs lately are always full of flowers

My Bromns are flowering

And almost finished this painting.
The seagulls legs are a bit odd yet.
Legs are always a bit of a problem sometimes they are in the water.

Riding in a police car and exploring the garden.

Camera malfunction here. The cops are on their way. The twins spent some time in ...