Thursday, 10 January 2019

A Day without Angus.

Yesterday was a social day out bar-b-q lunch and lots of good chatting but I forgot my camera so I couldn't take any photos.
 So you will have to be happy with my crazy garden this vine grows everywhere I'm always pulling it out but this is the first time it has grown in the window and across the roof
 Very thick down the bottom
 Angus went for his blood test and a check out before he goes to NZ, so it was a very quite day but a busy one cleaning up 
 He was away most of the day so a good time to clean all the leaves up in the back yard, Angus doesn't like the rake for some strange reason and it takes forever with the broom., the vacumn cleaner is not popular so I will do that too.
 We have had rain so everything has perked up after the heat.

 Washing done too
Maybe windows next.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Odd clouds.

Odd clouds out the front this afternoon
This is over next door's place.
This is over my house.
Across the road different clouds all together
A cool drink out the front and a bit of a sit down.

never happy about the little girls hand in this drawing so just rubbed it out and turned them on a angle
Now the clouds are gone.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018


I hope you all have a merry and bright Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Friday, 21 December 2018

They have overdone the rain and I've started painting again.

We had had rain, violent storms with hail and lots of wind  cracked some of the branches off the jackerander tree, there was vines growing all over it so they came down too now a big mess to clean up.

Just finishing up and more storms.

I didn't go outside lots of rain and hail bigger than I have seen in Sydney before, so I stayed behind the window and watched this was the best I could do with taking a picture.
I have rejoined the local art society and they have a gallery and competitions so I'm going to put this one in, only thing is it must be framed so I will have to get it done by some one who knows what they are doing my effort is not so good.

This is a new one but maybe will put it in the corner for a bit not sure what to do next.
This one took about 2 hours to paint it all turned out right but it's not very big 
You have to put prices on them and they try and sell them for you I have no idea where to start any ideas would be helpful.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Rain at last.

Well the christmas tree is up

The garden is messy but very dry , we had a very dry winter and spring and now it's summer the bush fires are everywhere lots of rain soon would help.

It's fareing ok  most of my garden likes it a bit dry.
and some has just gone wild as we have had a bit of a downpour in the early summer days.

the 4oclock's are eating the garden chairs.

Angus is still here for another couple of months it will be lonely when he goes to NZ, Pidge will be the only one left and he is getting on a bit we had him for about 7 years and he was full grown and very injured so I'm surprised he lasted this long but it's a ideal life freedom of the air, food and a safe place to go and sleep when needed.
I't hard to take a picture of this dog always got his nose in something.
LOOK at these skies black as black.
Pidgee is home, not good to be caught out in a storm.
15 minutes of heavy rain and the sky is a bit lighter but more coming
The garden is having a good wash to bad i just swept it all up a few hours ago.

My pond  was empty yesterday .

We need the rain but it will mean a big clean out now.

A Day without Angus.

Yesterday was a social day out bar-b-q lunch and lots of good chatting but I forgot my camera so I couldn't take any photos.  So you w...