Shara and I

Shara and I

Monday, 25 April 2016

My Dad.........

 It is ANZAC day today, always reminds me of my dad.
My mum and dad met because of the war, she wrote to him when he was overseas and when he came home they met, this was their first date as I understand it, a street photographer took their photo.
My dad got his nickname in the war they called him Jerry he had it all his life, my mum often called him that, I said did you change sides and he said no he looked more german than most of the germans I think you will agree.    
Here I am as a little tike with my dad.

Monday, 18 April 2016

A day out and a night at the ballet.

This friday my daughter and her partner and I went to the ballet at Sydney Opera House of course we couldn't take photos but I did take a few on the way and coming home. 
This is Newtown, tiny tiny houses
And tiny front yards

My ticket.

And a picture out of a ballet book I have, as no photos were allowed and rightly so.

The old hospital across the road from my friends place, we have been watching the progress of its of it's transformation in to units the original building was heritage protected so they couldn't just knock it down and start again.
I worked there once when I lived very close by, it was ideal but I only lasted two days, it was more a old peoples home than a hospital and a lot of people were suffering form dementure, I lasted two days it was a sad place to work and I was just not made of the right stuff, I admire nurses their job is not easy, the matron was a lovely person and so were all the staff.

Great fence made to fit the tree.
And water bubbling up from the ground maybe a water main ready to burst.
Don't ask me what this bloke was doing, maybe singing a song in sign language my daughter said he was dancing but he had a crowd there so he was doing something right.

Going home after the ballet from the top of the Opera House steps, my there are a lot of steps.
Always get a picture in of our bridge.,

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Dead ants but no cord.

 There has been a lot of talk about the harm sugar does in our diets all I can say is there was only a drop or two of maple syrup in this bottle but I had forgotten about it but the ants found it and made the best of it but they all came to a sticky end.
 Much searching was done to find the recharge cord for my screwdriver tool so far no luck lots of cords but none fit so maybe I will just toss the lot as I have no idea what they belong to.

 But I did find all the words to Advance Australia  Fair, usually only the first verse is sung,  so now I can learn the second verse.

It always end in a bit of a clean up when looking for things.

Friday, 8 April 2016

A study in sleep

It was Wednesday and the  hottest day we had in autumn ever and Leeroy is just so tired, hours of sleeping, it was about 36c and not a breath of air.

Well maybe a bit of cleaning.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Four days.

On Friday I went to spend the night at my Daughters place.
We usually go out for breakfast they have lots of cafe's around the Petersham area, this one is very good.
And you can take your dog too if you eat outside but we left Angus at home today.
Her partner checking his phone I do like his beard.
I like the houses, around here so I always take a few pictures.
 Came home on Saturday and on Sunday we introduced Pidge to Dericks cage but it has no door as Pidge flies free, he seems to like it there, he is a messy man at the moment all lost feathers and shafts for the new ones.  
 He really checked it out but will he move in.

Monday was Bingo at the club, won prizes well everyone won except the slightly crazy  Scottish lady.
 This is a friend of Mavis.

And this is Mavis she had her hair permed today amazing lady for 99 so she didn't go to bingo today but has her hair done nearby, back to the club for lunch and a bit of a flutter on the pokies.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Looking for winter sunshine.

Winter is coming, time to rearrange the garden so we get winter sunshine. Winter is the time to work in the garden summer is to hot and there are spiders. My little chinese garden doesn't change as it pretty much ok all seasons and that little deck is the cat sunning area., they don't like change.
 The pond is my next project I've had it for a while and done nothing with it, but I did dig a hole but that's pretty much filled in now, so will have to start again.

 The clothes line is sagging if it gets any lower we will have brown borders on all sheets.
 This is our winter sitting spot you get 4 or 5 hours of direct sun here in winter, much to hot in summer but wonderful in winter.
 Drummy is cleaning all the time now, as you can see not many wing feathers
 no tail feathers
 This is a beautiful flower to see on a Autumn day.
 And always the bogie is in flower.
 Lots of jungle here.
 My little patch of sky.

Bye for now I'm off to my daughters place for a few days.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Back in the garden.

Drummy has been off her food and not talking to us, she is moulting and it must knock them around we were worried that she was dying as we have no idea how old she is, she stopped laying eggs about 12 months ago so she is not young but has bounced back and is almost normal now.
She is into fruit now and,  tucking in to her favourite watermellon drink in the right container.

A pumpkin from last year has taken root.

I've got 6 of these but when are they ripe, they don't change.

This is moth vine very pretty when in flower but it just takes over so I will have to pull it all out I often do, but it keeps coming back.

Kidney is playing tiger she has tried to catch a lizard but he was just to fast for her.
Looking for more.
I would be frightened of those yellow eyes.

Derricks cage looking a bit lonely.

Do you think the juice has fermented she looks a bit merry, thats another thing her comb is looking lighter.
Night has fallen so inside for me.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath