Shara and I

Shara and I

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sydney house for sale , not mine of course.

My son and daughter are selling their sydney home, they now live interstate and had rented it out but thats a lot of work and don't have the time as they rented to people they know and no real estate were used so they did all the repairs themselves and the prices are crazy at the moment. 
The skip was full you most not go over the brim as they won't take it or leave off the top laver so it's not wise to risk it, so son said there will be more added in the night but there was some taken away so they had room to add a bit more you never know.
I really like the colours but the real estate made the comment to repaint all white, I think thats a bit boring but it sells houses.

He will do the lawn the tenants had two big dogs, made a bit of a mess.

I like this light shade.
And the kitchen
The bathroom is a bit boring.
Something has happened to this stove maybe a bit of a fire.
THis is a huge bedroom, will a original fireplace.
The windows have been replaced.

A walk in wardrobe with lots of storage I would love this.
The lounge room, seating a bit sparse.

The ex tennants left these in the garden so they are mine now, after a bath they will sit in my top garden.
Cute smiles

Friday, 2 October 2015

The coffee table.

Firstly the story of the coffee table.
Many years ago we lived in Stanmore, the daughter was about 3 the son about 11.
The backyards in Stanmore are very small but there are lane ways running everywhere and they are short cuts so often used, behind our lane way was a petrol station and in that petrol station lived Saucie, he was a homeless man. the one and only homeless person I have got to know, he often came in for coffee or a meal.
He lived in a van that didn't go and kept a eye on the garage when it was closed, he used their toilet and shower was alway clean and very fit, he rode a bike everywhere, the garage was happy to have someone on to the property as had had trouble with break ins, in the past.
He had done time in goal for stealing and had a long history of problems but was always respective of our property and always happy to see us and most of the neighbour liked him so there were no problems.
The coffee table was made in Long bay goal and seeing he drank lots of coffee in our place he gave it to us as we didn't have one, and we had it ever since, we were there for 5 or so years and  bought our house here he came to visit us once but have not seen him since and don't know where he is now.

Boo peep had to go to a funeral so I snapped a photo as he is usually in work gear, do you believe he does his own ironing, not a bad job better than I do.
Started cleaning out the shed, my son is selling his Sydney home so making more storage for his things, kids they never really move out do they.
The driveway is a bit of a mess.
The stuff you find this is a Snow Walker, my sons he wants to keep it but gets very dusty in the shed

Monday, 28 September 2015

Spring cleaning well sort of.

It is spring and time for a good clean and I usually move furniture I have no before photos only after ones.
This is my lounge, lots of room for a nap when wanted
Still knitting still cool enough and lets face it I must do something while watching TV, is it me or is it super boring now, I am very tired of all these do up houses cooking up a meal and sing type shows all the block people look to me like would be actors trying to get a start in tv.
The beer fairs lounge, with his coffee table made in jail there is a story behind that (he didn't made it).
The little table was made by my son in wood work class at school.
The guest room my son and daughter in law are visiting next week.
I made the blue light shade it's got tiny little silver stars
on it and looks good at night but doesn't show up in a photo very well.
And the laundry all cleaned up, boy was that a hard job the floor was just rust plus, one of my cats is too old to jump up on the bench now so she eats on the floor so does Drummy a chicken that eats cat food .
Almost all gone
This the bench they always ate on because when Angus visits he just gobblies it all up in 10 sec's. I paint the doors on this cupboard every year as it's full of scratch marks well the two middle doors anyway.
New hot water system, works well and no leaks well so far anyway. Off to bingo now, wish me luck, goodbye for now...................

Sunday, 27 September 2015

A walk to the dentist.

 On the way to the dentist the other day I came across this shrub it was very pretty and I've never seen one quite like it, it's a Australian native but I don't know what it's called.

 But this is a street tree not very impressive but when in flower it lovely and the perfume is heavenly.
If any one knows the names of these plants I would like to know as they like the area and that always helps, well I'm at the dentists now I know I will end up with a sore mouth and a hole in my pocket for them to pull the money out.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Breakdown week a new hot wayer system

Well my computer died for a little while this week, seems ok now.
But many other things happened too.
Our hot water system died it has been sick for a while now.
I checked out all the ones that were now available thinking I would get a better one maybe a gas one that heated up water as you used it.
I asked for quotes on line so far nothing, they ask if you want them straight away or in a few days, well I said a few days I didn't want to be pushy but that was 4 days ago so we ending up buying one the same as what we had it just goes straight in with no modifications so here is hoping it works.
Some of the quotes I got over the phone were well over $3,000 so they are not cheap but so fat it's cost us $706.
I took some photos of the process.
The new one
 The old one.
As you can see they are very much the same.
Kidney is drinking the water leaking out of the old one
I took some garden pictures on the coffee break.

 Just checking the beer fairy is cleaning, not enough room for two will come back when he is finished.

 Still cleaning, that water was very rusty.
This is the mess we found after removing the old one.
Well its the day after and we have hot water, lovely hot shower last night much better than a bucket bath and we smell better too. When all the area dries out will put back the check lino.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath