Monday, 16 January 2017

Mavis turns 100.

I went to a 100year old's birthday party yesterday, this was a first for me, it was Barbara's mother      Mavis 100 birthday last week she is my oldest mate.
Held in the local club a wonderful affair all her family and a few friends.   
You can get a blessing from the pope
A letter from the Queen
I think this one is from the governor general
                                                 and this one is from the prime minister.

These were the place mats various things of interest from her lifetime
Did you know listerine was once used as a aftershave lotion, I didn't......
The front page of the daily telegraph on the day Mavis was born.

And her flowers she asked we all bring a artifical flower to make a display and give a donation to the stroke foundation instead of gifts.
Her cake was quite something made by her great grand daughter.

Here we are, The Bingo girls as Mavis called us, as we have been going for some time now.
Here is a much better picture of Mavis with her grand daughter.
She is looking good for 100.

Friday, 13 January 2017

A day visiting and the rest of the week too hot to move much.

Today was a horror super hot, I slept in the lounge room under the fan, I took the rubbish out and checked the mail a layer of sweat in a few seconds.
Yesterday I was making a red and white spotty dress for my grand daughter
but much to hot today for sewing,  because I know this cat will think it's hers, I will put it out of  reach and finish it tomorrow. On Thursday I'm visiting the twins and their mum so will finish it by then, my friend is coming with me, Thursday is the only coolish day this week all other days are 40c or close to it.

I found I had no photos of my daughter on my camera she took some of my photos, so I took this one of her  well a painting of her I did a long time ago.
This is the finished dress, but little things are so tiny and hard to make.
And this one I got from Target to give me the size.
Another one that was just so cute .
And we mustn't forget my grand son, who doesn't want a suit of cacti.
Here he is sleeping in the pram on a bed of Tall animals with long necks.
We went out for lunch and this little bloke slept all the way there while eating and home again.
Or  I not sure what, on a bed of chickens, maybe, but the little miss was wide awake and full of life.
Not to happy about something
Now thats much better
Well maybe not
Many moods in a few minutes.
They are well strapped in these days.
My friend and I at lunch
This was my lunch

and hers
Some of the street gardens are quite lovely.
Who leaves their shoes at the railway station., they don't look very old maybe not very comfortable.
Well thats my week.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

A day in the garden playing in the water.

 We just had two days of rain and high humitity not even any cricket to sleep to, well they played later but it was a bit to lively to sleep to.  
 What a wonderful  day today sunny and a light breeze so not to hot so I spent the day in the garden cleaning out the fish pond and installing the pump and it works so all I need now is the hoses to connect the waterfall.
 No fish yet a bit to violent for fish yet.

 We have it in a enclosed area with a big gate which we can lock when the grandchildren are visiting, lots of drownings lately one was in a pond not much bigger than this one so we are not taking any chances.

 My shed door has come off its hinge on the bottom if I open it it might fall off.

I've scrubbed up all my chairs and done the washing a productive day.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The start of a new year.

It was a busy year when I think about it but it went so fast
A new bathroom at my place
My son and daughter in law sold their house in Sydney they are now Banana Benders.
My daughter had twin babies and little honeys they are too.
But I'm at home now for January my cat Leeroy missed me she has followed me around all morning so I took my camera with me and took pictures, open up all the windows..
A catch up sleep while eating breakfast.
Even a doze on the floor while making the bed
What's that I see

Not easy to read a magzaine
that doesn't look very comfortable
A new blue dragon, where did it come from., my son left it he told me on the phone the other day.

There is three chairs and a table under these 4o'clocks

I didn't steal this umberella, from a street cafe a friend gave it to me maybe he stole it I don't know.

 My grand daughter liked this painting.

 Many birds have moved into the local area these two are more or less permanently into my tree.
 Kidney and the beer fairy playing with a stick both are easily amused.

Well bye from me, not to good with these do it yourself photos.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath