Shara and I

Shara and I

Monday, 20 April 2015

Lots of drama at bingo today.

 The fire alarm went off at bingo today, no one took much notice of it as it happens from time to time usually they work it out and it's not a problem.
About 20 mts later went we were getting our lunch they announced everyone was to leave at once.
We had separated my friends mother who is 98 and on a walker had gone off to play the poker machines as she had her lunch earlier, we had a quick scoot around but were ushered out by the staff.
She was helped out by one of the staff members and this fellow went to look for her and wheeled her up to where we were waiting, they were very good and I was very impressed by the kindness shown to her, no panic by the 98 year old, at all see stay calm and you will live for ever.

 This is my friend new hairstyle a little bit wind blowen as it's windy and raining a lot today and we been standing around in the rain for a bit.
Anyway we went back to the club but were told to go out again as the problem wasn't  fixed after that we just went down to the car park and drove home as soon as we allowed into the car park.
It was on the news 1200 people were involved and it was a fire in a pizza oven and had moved into ducts so that's why it took so long to be located and controlled but all is well now.

 Plenty of firemen and police out the front.
 and fire trucks.

 Remember the bears up a tree well they were having a party today, even have a car up there for a quick getaway.

 I bought this jigsaw for a few dollars last week, it took a week to do
 it much easier than the one with 1000pieces it took a month, do you like jigsaws I find them relaxing.
This one only has 500 pieces.

 These two were not too friendly too busy eating and cleaning up afterwards.
I was waiting on the front porch to go to bingo as it's pouring outside.
Nothing like fresh water off the roof.
And this is the 98 year old lady being rescued and escorted by a kind gentleman.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What do you pay for haircuts

My  friend had a hair cut and a perm she looks lovely but I didn't have a camera with me so no picture but it is funny that hair is being talked about on the radio this morning.
It's talk back so people are ringing to say how much they pay for a haircut the most expensive is $375.00 they did get a colour job too but that's just crazy, oh and a cup of coffee, I would want a full meal with cake and coffee.
I've had a few trips to the hairdresser in my life, but now my hair is shoulder length and is often in a bun out of the way and much cooler in summer, just think of the money I've saved and colouring is not happening any more now I'm a soft grey.
 The best haircut in the world, my very first look it couldn't be cuter
 The teen years and early twenties.
 My first perm

 Even Boo Peep had a hair cut, here he is napping on a very short lounge.
 Still painting small birds

But started a beach scene not got too far with this.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The easter break

 I had to do some banking on the day before the Easter break but just missed the bus home it's a great service to Merrylands one every hour unless they cancel one then it's every 2 hours but only had to wait 1hour not to bad quite relaxing really but this was the traffic the whole time I know Sydney traffic is bad but this is out in the suburbs it is getting worse by the day and there was a lot of people out and about.
 This is a interesting building down the road a bit, it was a service station when we moved here about 20 years ago it was closed then knocked down, vacant for a few years about 7 or 8 then this building appeared over a long period flats or units on top and was to be a medical centre downstairs but now it's for rent so I hope something happens soon.
 The beer fairy called me into the kitchen with the camera, Drummy was having a chat to the tea towels maybe she was telling me to change them they were grubby and due to be changed but when the hen notices you should change it so I did that and there has been no chats since.

 I started two new paintings with small birds
 Not got too far
 This is my new kitchen mat, we were home most of Easter so I sat and made this, it was cool and wet most of the time.
 The floor is cement and so cold when washing up, my legs hurt and the feet are ice blocks very quickly but regular mats always end up very dirty but this one goes in the washing machine, may be I will make it a bit bigger but must get some more thick wool.

 It's cooling off Leeroy just doesn't want to go outside but wants to sleep in the sun so she's found a spot to sleep.

I was doing some cleaning and came across this photo of me feeding the same birds as the one who stayed with us last week but my hair is more appealing than the food, this was up in Queensland bird park, they give you bowls of a honey and seed mixture and the birds come in from everywhere and eat out of your hand a great experience, of course this was a few years ago but the park is still going strong as far as I know.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A morning of rain a afternoon of sunshine.

 This morning just poured rain we had buckets full but it all drained away very fast and now the sun is out so we are all outside enjoying the sunshine for as long as it lasts,

 Kidney is looking her age today, she about 14 years old and looking stout and a bit frumpy but always had a fierce temper.
 This is how much rain we had in a few hours, these are my new project and I only put them here the other day to see if they would fit in the space so they half filled with rain water in a couple of hours and they are under a tree.
 Under here is Drummy's house she moved out well I'm not sure if she ever moved in but she sleeps near the back door, I think she would like to move into the house but her toilet habits are just not good enough for that.

 Lovely and sunny now.

 Angus is visiting for two days while his people get ducked air conditioning fitted, but  he was cooped up inside this morning not to his liking so he is happy to roam around the garden and see if there are any changes.
 Kidney showing him around
 When not sitting in the sun catching some rays.

This is my summer spider, he sure has a very impressive web, the stick is there to knock it down if we are expecting guests to visit most people go up the side but it pretty good for discouraging salesmen and other people who knock on you door when you are busy with something and just don't want to go away.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath