Shara and I

Shara and I

Thursday, 11 December 2014

A wonder around the garden after the rain and Susie.

 We had a break in the weather today so I went for a wonder around the garden so see how everything was after the weeks of rain, most things are as happy as can be with all this humid wet weather but not me so much.

 My little plastic plants get a good wash.

 And this poor little ceramic bird fell in the cats and birds water, all rainwater not had to fill this for days, my cats will drink out off any containers that hold rainwater in preference to tap water so they are pleased, lots of rainwater to drink.
 Everything is thriving

 And the turtles are happy.

 My bay tree was on it's last legs a couple of weeks ago but has a new lease of life since all the rain.
 You can't get the gate open to The beer fairies vege garden but he has tomatoes pumpkins potatoes and tobacco plants in there somewhere, oh and grapes

 Lots of tomatoes but all green if we don't get some heat soon they won't ripen and all the tomato dust I

 used just got washed off.

 The passionfruit looks healthy but no flowers yet.

 weeds popping up everywhere.

 my elephant and asian lady will need a bath, they have mud all over them.

 The broms are all flowering.

This is Susie, her mum made the hat she looked lovely on her wedding day, I always wanted to paint her so a couple of years ago I did but don't remember if I ever showed her to you.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The beer fairy spends a few days in the country with the camera.

 As you know we had a couple of weeks of rain so when Danny asked The beer fairy if he wanted to go up to his farm for a day or two he was happy to go for a change of scenery, as he was born and bred in country NSW he likes to visit but not to live there, to to to quiet.

 This is Sydney at the moment,
And this is Mudgee no rain and no humidity.
 The beer fairy playing a tune on his shovel.

 This is Danny's front yard, he has 750 acres and he owns this farm with his father in law.
 This is the farm house there is no electricity, no television only bottled gas and a generator and tank water, but he has a river and a natural spring so plenty of natural water.
 And sweeping views.
 This is Old Bob's housekeper,  he lives in town and is 70 years old but Danny and the beer fairy went to visit, they took some food and had a bit of a chat and a meal as they were only staying for a day or two not worth taking to much with them.
 Not sure what this is about, I just gave him the camera and said take some pictures so the beer fairy did .
This Old Bob and Danny He's the one laying down, he has a simular fashion sense to the beer fairy.
 Back home I finished off the laundry the tool cupboard was returned.
 Drummy came in for a look she was not impressed she turned around and walked back out again.
 I hung up all our pliers and wire cutters I can never find then in the cupboard, I should paint the cupboard  well maybe one day.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Wild storms every afternoon, my new floor in the laundry and dreaming cats.

 Every afternoon this week we had electrical storms, I tried to get lightning but was not very good at that.
Lightning has struck many things  this week houses, a substation and even a few people have  been struck,  maybe the silly buggers were out  there taking pictures so before it poured down with rain I ventured back inside but as you can see it gets very dark, it's about 4-30pm and we are in daylight saving in summertime so  3-30pm normal time it is normally still very sunny.
This one just before the storm hit the others as it was building up.

 Leroy wants some attention
 So she is kissing the computer, not sure what this is about.

 The day before the street lights turned on it got so dark they are light sensitive.
 My laundry floor is looking better not quite finished yet.

 Just one pretty flower so far
 Mal was sound asleep till just before I took the photo, I sure if she could speak she would be telling me to go away.
 Not sure whats happening here but I think Leroy is dreaming, wonder what about.
I must be a good dream, I like the tail over the leg.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath