Shara and I

Shara and I

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Angus has fun days in the sun then the heavens open.

What to do with two pot drip trays, two candle holders and a broken roof.
It can be three stories
Or two, I painted it and left it outside but we had a small shower and a lot of paint washed off so I had another go.
But no rain today
Lots of lovely sunshine.

My garden boxes are falling apart, will see if I can make them a bit stronger.

 Angus likes a sleep on the warm pavers.
 Will you go away and stop disturbing me.
 Kidney off for a wander.

 Drummy looking for grubs and worms.
 Things have changed here, that chicken just kills all my favourite plants.
 Drummy's bed is very popular with Leroy
 But that was a few days ago, Angus has now gone home and today it has just poured rain all morning well at least I will not have to sweep the paths they are having a good wash.
 Puddles everywhere

 Even in my kitchen.

 But the other day I had lots of time in the garden, this is a bay tree from my sons house it took agers to get it out of the pot, tried not to do any damage to the roots so had to cut it out very carefully.
 And put some wood around my garden boxes just to give them a bit more surport when the rain has gone they will get a coat of paint.

 Angus is checking out new things in the garden and the new neighbours, he is a bit confused with all  the strange voice's that he can hear on the other side of the fence.

Well goodbye now I going inside for a nana nap looks like Angus is coming too.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Update on the house renovation and Angus comes to visit.

The tenants are moving in in fact they have except the people, the bathroom is having some problems.

But not a lot to do just fiddly things.

The bath didn't set so here is the son mixing a new batch of cement to have another go at it.
Not a lot of garden left but these are doing well.
and so it the ginger they thrive on no water or any attention, this is not eating ginger.
The bath sits on a bed of cement.

This is the strip drain in the shower, I think it's great you wouldn't notice it if you didn't know it was there.
the bath getting ready to be bedded.
the loo window, I glad he kept this he will paint it, but I do think a opening window in the loo is kind of important.  
The bath with it's weights.
New power switches
the floor has lots of dust but it's japan black when clean.
New doors and handles.
The view from the side windows, well thats as far as he has got with the renovations at this stage.

 There was a heavy fog this morning but I'm out of town a bit so not so bad at our place.
 I've been doing some improvements in the top garden.
 this part's not done yet .
 my poor herbs all finished will have to replant.
 This is my latest garden creation will show you when I've finished, not sure what it is yet.
 Angus is visiting for a week his people are on holidays visiting the maybe in laws.

 No problems with the cats, they were here when he was a puppy and lived here and he knows they are to be ignored and respected but Drummy is another story, Angus hasn't had anything to do with a strange hen who thinks she is boss so they have some time together and some apart.
For some reason this photo has come up last it's the second loo at my son and daughter in laws house as you will notice this window doesn't open so you don't use this one if you have been eating something that doesn't agree with you.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath