Shara and I

Shara and I

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Whats wrong with my chicken, building a tiny house.

My Chicken Drummy is not laying  not eating as much as usual not talking much and sleeping a lot she's is moulting too so I asked a few people I know who  have chickens and they told me that moulting can be dramatic for chickens and it lasts for a month, is this right I'm going to have a grumpy Drummy for a month, but she does like sitting in the sun.

 Or very slowly wondering around.
It is 2pm my sundial works. 

 This is our last day of summer and everyone is lazy, Pidge is drinking and Kidney is just watching him, there was a time when he would never come down to drink if there was a cat about.
Can you work out what these are.
He stayed for a cool off

and drying off in the sun.
So warm in the sun.
What do you think of my tiny house made out of a tree stump paddle pop sticks and gutter guard mesh
It's for my garden fairies.
But it has disappeared will show you next time.

 Today is the second day of Autumn but it super hot and sticky but a thunder storm has blown in this afternoon, the sun is still out so I'm trying to capture the sun storm, not working too well .

 We got puddles very quickly and leaves lots of wind .

 All over very quickly but at least it's cooler now.

 You can see it was hot the beer fairy is shirtless, we had to rush round and close all the windows now time to open them all again, a nice southerly is blowing.
My ceiling fan was on all day today.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My mini holiday part 2

Pretty flowers growing wild on the top of the cliff.
This is looking very nasty but it moved on quickly and we had a hour of sunshine or two to wonder around.
My daughter would like this growing in her garden, I think it's a herb but not sure what it is can you tell me.

I just liked these walls around the tennis courts even if they are falling down.
and the grass roller, haven't seen one of these for a long time.

Wonderful views still in mist but clearer than before.

A small pocket of sunshine.

It comes and goes.

This was a tiny cave behind the hotel
Not far from a staff only door, you would have to do some ducking and weaving to get in the door.

A bit more sunshine.

This is strange rock that the back of the hotel is built on.

Great views and the clouds are ever changing so couldn't resist a few more pictures.

A huge tree in the grounds, I remember more but maybe they were just too old and died or were cut down.

These two doors made me laugh do they let the smoke out of one and the people out of the other they were just around the corner from each other.
Lovely windows.

Lots of big chairs everywhere I go they must be in right now, this one was a beauty.
The general store across the road and railway tracks.

No big decisions here.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath