Shara and I

Shara and I

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Words for Wednesday....first effort.

Sitting here munching on a sweet apple, trying to think up something to write.
I'm a painter not a writer so writing is something I never do much of, it helps if you can spell and you understand the english language something I don't do very well.
There is a persistent knock at the door, followed by a growl from Angus.
Reluctant to get up and answer it, but you never know, a parcel for me that's rare.
Wow a box of chocolates from a old friend and in the middle a honeycomb and chocolate torpedo, what a wonderful surprise, guess it's time for a chocolate break.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Cards for Lachlan.

 I know of a young fellow who is battling cancer and not doing to well, he would like cards and post cards from all over the world.
His name is Lachlan and he is 7 years old.
His address is
PO box 4024
Nowra east 2540

Saturday, 16 May 2015


 This morning I worked on the messy area again,  me and Drummy
 Cutting the pumpkin and grape vine back, had to do something it was to cold to sit around.
I found another pumpkin in Drummy sky garden, so thats four so far.
 This was this afternoon after a lovely sunny morning, black as forty dogs arse holes that how the beer fairy described it, he has away with words.

But we are still having lots of sunshine, I like black skies and sun it's a great contrast.
 That was in the south
 Where in the east sunny blue sky, we had about ten minutes of rain .
 Leeroy and Kidney were sticking close to us.
 Drummy playing in the pumpkin patch.

Pulled down the pumpkin today and found another two pumpkins that were hiding in the greenery, lots of soup coming up, wells it's the weather for it, any ideas would be good.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A blanket and bra basket and maybe putting in the ponds.

 Do you have a bra and blanket basket they are wonderful, you know when you are dozing in the lounge after dinner and you just need to whip off the bra and relax and blankets well can never have too many of those but mine stay on the lounge at the moment it's getting cold at night.
 and I getting old a chair in the bathroom is handy these days, I remember my aunts place as a child she had a chair in her bathroom I could never figure out why well I know now.
The next step is to whip out the spa and put in a big shower unit but we are not that old yet.
 The next garden project put in the ponds and pretty up Drummy old yard and cut down all the sugar cane and bamboo, it's nice and cool in summer but as this is where the cloths line is it's needs sunshine in winter and is a bit of a mess at the moment.
 So far cut down the sugar cane.
 The Barbeque is also in this area, needs a good clean and the door fell off for some reason.

 This house was once a huge shed with no windows but the new owners turned it into another house which they now rent out, housing is short in Sydney and very expensive, so it's worth it, I have lots of trees so it not too bad but next door has only a small backyard and these windows look straight into their backyard, a real lack of privacy.
Will clean it out tomorrow.
 Drummy helps, she had 5 snails, odd other bugs she found, good dinner.
 we can see the back neighbours, they will have to behave themselves they are hidden all summer.
The beer fair is busy too cutting wood to fit the fire box and taking the nails out.
But guess what no one can find the axe to cut chips, hope it's not too cold tonight.

Monday, 11 May 2015

What Drummy did.

 These were my vegie boxes, they are well protected get full sun and after the rain we had,  they were doing very well.
I had seven rows of thriving vegs.
We had spent the morning in the garden and I went inside to wash up, the beer fairy had gone for a short walk and when he came back he called me out into the garden, here was Drummy in the box with all the tiny plants dug up and trampled and she was chewing on a nice fat worm, the box is full of them, the soil is very good now.
Well I told her off and she did go and hide in the back garden for a while but not very long, I heard her chatting away to the beer fairy, seeing if the coast was clear.
Later that day I moved some pot plants in to save the worms, I will mesh it off in the future before I plant again.

 She has lots of bare areas and runs where she can dig and have dust baths but not so many worms and no snails at all now, she ate them all but I do give her mince before bed, but guess it's just not the same as a nice wiggly thing with lots of dirt clinging to it.

 she has made a mess here but no plants were dug up, so I don't mind tidying it up.

And here she is tail up head down, couldn't care less it's her garden I'm only the caretaker or so she thinks.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

A week in the sun and Visiting friends.

Lovely week lots of sunshine.
Spent a couple of days cleaning up the backyard emptying out water from containers and pot plants all over the place, sweeping paths of dead soggy leaves and washing.
New plants coming they must think it's a early spring we haven't had winter yet.

But will protect from Drummy she likes new shoots but thats another story and I'm not talking to her at the moment.
No more room on the clothesline socks go on the back of chairs.

And not  a cat on a lounge anywhere all missing.

It's Friday and off to visit friends at we had fresh make scones and different jams, very nice.
If you look closely you can see the cook in the background, why do men make better scones than a lot of women, the beer fairy makes mine too.
Off to my daughters on friday night to visit Angus and catch up on some tv shows and eat lovely pizza.
Angus wants some too.

Then on saturday catching up with a old friend.
It's been a few years since we have been to the old neighbourhood, a few changes.
And look here is Leeroy sleeping in the sun on my seat.

Kidney drinking from the bird bath