Tuesday, 18 June 2019

My stay in NZ.

Well it's been a couple of weeks since I came home from New Zealand and life has got very hetic but I will tell you about that later here are the little honeys they are now 2and a bit and full of life and energy, it's not easy to take their picture as they are not still for long.
Their garden is wonderful but on the side of a mountain this is the start of the driveway .
Very green and lush
I think these are the lines to the cable car which were used before the driveway was put in
I like the decking area so does Angus if there is no wind it is a lovely place to sit .

and look over the green garden below.

And here are the kids so grown up looking
And cheeky looking too

Augus has settled in well too.

The twins and mum and dad.

 Tomorrow I should be going to New Zealand but that is not happening because of all the travel restrictions and it is better to stay home ...