Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My comments

As my blog still playing up.
This is the only way to answer questions.
Elephant's child asked if I had a garden in the flat, we had lots of pot plants.
One day if I can find the photos I will do a history of my gardens in house that I lived in.
To everyone else thank you for your comments I do enjoy reading them.


  1. Thank you. I look forward to the history of your gardens. And I hope that your blog learns to play nicely.

  2. I'm having problems with commenting on some blogs too.
    Blogger is always up to something!
    Jane x

  3. I am so sorry that you are having blog problems, Merle. That is just miserable. xo Daina

  4. Oh I look forward to hearing more about those gardens!!! Nicole

  5. Hari OM
    Ah the Blog-blight eh??? It comes and it goes and you'll still have your fingers and toes!!! My theory is that Blogger targets different regions and different times and tests ALL regions' patience as a result with their updates and fiddlings.

    I too look forward to future posts on the gardens... YAM xx

  6. ..... I hate it when the 'puter won't do what I expect it to do... :( :(
    Hugs... Barb xx

  7. Still having trouble?
    Come on blogger, what's going on?

  8. Oh I hope blogger cooperates soon - look forward to your next post. :)


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