Sunday, 16 November 2014

A hot sleepy week

 What do you do when the weather is hot and lazy, you watch your cats, they sleep I did too.
I read two books more than I've read in 6months and sleep a bit too.
This is Mal she has a problem with over cleaning and and fighting but this week she is happy to lay around too so her rash is looking a lot better.
 How that for a relaxed cat, I've read they only expose their belly if the feel very secure.
 I started a new painting, not got to far yet.
 I received a new paintbox from a friend for my birthday, so I was inspired.

 I did paint one coat on the bathroom ceiling, it needs another one but a bit hot at the moment.
 I hung a few bits on the wall for something a bit different.

 Oh time to roll over

 Of course the heat doesn't bother Drummy much, she finds some damp dirt digs a hole and has a nap.
 And the back yard is very cool
 All windows open
 First xmas decoration up
 We are having a council clean up this week for furniture so the cat armchair is gone out.
 Who looks a bit confused where is my scratching post going.
 It got a spot in the shade to wait for collection.
 As you can see not much left, they had lots of fun with it.

Today was cooler but still not inspired to do to much.


  1. Hari Om
    BELATED B' GREETINGS dear blogpal!!! I look forward to seeing the current project finished - chooks!!! Bathroom is looking good. As I sit with this, our Sunday has dawned bright and cloudless - but very cool; but I still opened up the windows!!! That sun-kissed air must be welcomed. I always love the look of plumbago, but confess the scent tends to trigger my asthma. Will the cats get a replacement scratcher?... YAM xx

  2. beautiful painting you do, the chickens are amazing, I can't wait to see it finished, your photos are beautiful , I would love to pet that cat, lol, keep cool, i wish i could send you some of this cold air, we are buried in snow already!

  3. I like the multiple Drummy painting.
    Have you given the cats a new arm chair, or are they still selecting the special one?

  4. Christmas Down Under would be an experience Merle. I'll be home for Christmas literally myself after too many years of absence!
    Lovely paint box, lucky kitties and yes, they only do this when they feel totally secure I am told (which means a lot in my house with a mischievous Corgi who would pounce on Maira the Cat if he knew he could get away with it!)

  5. You are hot and we are freezing, Merle. It looks like you got quite a bit done in spite of the heat! I like your new paint box and the picture you started.
    That is a SAD looking chair by the curb there!;>) xo Diana

  6. It was hot last week wasn't it? And the cats had the right idea.
    Love the start of your chooky painting.
    Happy belated birthday.

  7. Am completely relaxed and happy from your nice post, M!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  8. Poor kitty! lol They just want their chair back! Same thing has happened to us over the years. I am always glad when we have a town clean up day.

  9. Poor kitty, probably thinking 'there's plenty of scratch left in that chair, why you throw it out?' My suburb doesn't do annual clean up, or hard rubbish day as we call it, which is a shame, I used to love walking around the streets looking at stuff others threw out.

  10. At times I am envious of a cat's life. It would be horrible to show us an absolutely neat paint box. It looks like it is getting used.

  11. The perfect birthday gift for you. The new painting will be great. We've never had a cat and I didn't know they could do that to a chair!

  12. I can't wait to see more of that painting friend!! Wishing you a wonderful week!!!! Nicole xo

  13. Hi Merle.... Love the new painting you have started..... .. the bathroom is looking great... I hope the 'bad' heat has gone for a while... It's not Summer yet...
    Hugs.... Barb xxx


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