Sunday, 2 November 2014

Mini heatwave and a victory for the ladies, and the Wanderers.

 Today was normal but the last couple of days have been anything but  hot hot hot and yesterday a big storm well lots of thunder, lightning and wind and a fair bit of rain needed two buckets in the kitchen but the rain didn't last long but it picked the garden up it was looking very thirsty, as were the rest of us.

 Three weeks ago my tree had a small patch of dead leaves now dead as a doornail, I 'm at a loss to understand it but it was a pine and has been in my garden for twenty years so maybe it's come to the end of it's time.
 It's mate was planted round about the same time but still going well.
 Lots of grapes this year for the beer fairy, I can't eat them anymore.

 I found another flower on my broms.
 So many places that are shady, they are needed in the heat.

 Hooie checking out the other side of the gate, she stays home a lot more now the two homes in our block have been built and the owner's have moved in.
 Our neighbour looking very english in his cap, well he is almost English he is from WA.
 Of course Drummy wants to see who we are talking to.
 And Kidney too
 My tiny tiny rose
 and the big bully boy that grows next to it.
 Would you believe this tree is growing out of solid concrete in my driveway.
 It's a fair size.

 This is the main story in our local paper, This young girl is a soccer fan for the Wanderers they are a new club only 2and a bit years old. they are our soccer team from our area in Western Sydney and are playing a match in Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to attend football matches but she is going it will be a first  and only one with 65,000 men going.
Fourteen Australians surporters are going, this is The Asians Champions Final and we won, We are the Champions........
OH by the way I worked for NRMA  for many years before I gave up work for good.
The twins are waiting for their dinner so I  must go now.


  1. Sad about your pine tree, I hope the other one is okay. How lovely that the girl gets to watch her soccer team play. Only two buckets in the kitchen is good, but we need more rain.

  2. ... I love your tiny rose Merle.... it's beautiful...
    It was a relief to get the rain... the heat was pretty bad.....
    .. a shame about your tree..
    Hugs.. Barb xx

  3. Sorry about the loss your pine tree! I am glad you had some rain for your garden, the hot weather can stink.. I love your Drummy and the pretty kitties. The roses are lovely.. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  4. your garden looks so tranquil and cool. you sound like you need some cool spots, I'm so glad that fan is getting her wish, I never realized this still happened today. So sad about the Pine tree, could have been something invade the root? Fingers crossed the other one is OK,

  5. Too bad the pine took a funny turn. Can you squeeze in and plant another?

  6. Hari OM
    Funny thing is UK autumn is presenting a kind of 'heatwave' in that temps are in the high teens this past week; on the change today though. Love the piccie of Drumstick patrolling the fence! Good on the lass for following her heart; may she be safe and have the best of times. YAM xx

  7. We also had a few days of energy sapping heat. Missed out on the promised rain though.
    Loving your garden, as always. And isn't it sad to lose a tree? Always.

  8. Glad to see that Drummy is keeping everything in line :)

  9. You know I love seeing those shots of your fence! And HA!!! I loved seeing drummy just strolling down the walk! Too cute! So sorry to hear about your tree....we might be losing one of our main trees soon as well. Your garden is lush and heavenly friend! Happy week to you! Nicole xo

  10. Your garden must be five degrees cooler than any other nearby. Amusing to see Drummy out on the street.

  11. We lost a few trees this year...the circle of life...
    Jane x

  12. Strange how trees just die without warning. Love your pet chooks the way they just wonder about. your garden looks so cool. The weather is so up and down at the moment. I used to be able to pack away clothes for different seasons,but so now.

  13. That's sad about the tree... hopefully something else with take its place. Nice garden, interesting news item... they are going to take Saudi Arabia by storm, did they already win, you mentioned that you were the champions...

  14. Merle, Your garden is looking lovely, especially the shady seating area and by the white picket fence out front. Glad it got a much-needed drink. Loved seeing the kitty drink rain water. Have a nice week!

  15. Merle,
    I can't believe that tree is growing right in the concrete! That is so unusual. I'm sure you know that I loved the picture of the soft yellow rose. And it's a pleasure to see Drumstick just checking things out in the neighborhood. It looks like an enchanted garden where your green table and chairs are. You must love sitting out there.

    Happy November, Merle.


  16. So glad you got some much needed rain, but sorry for your tree. We lost a big Hemlock right in the front lawn - too big and too close to the house to take down without a crew. I love the photo of Pidge on the branch - he looks cozy. So funny about Drummy and Kidney being nosy. Crazy tree growing out of the concrete - nature sure is determined sometimes. Hope your team wins - that's a brave girl! xo Karen


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