Thursday, 30 October 2014

Crazy computer and relaxing garden pictures.

The computer and I  are having a power struggle at the moment, she or he I never given it a gender has decided that I will not make comments or replays on my own blog so until she changes her mind so be it.  A few weeks ago everything was so small but only on facebook,  twitter and when I was writing the blog but normal size on the finished blog, that is all back to normal now, now it's telling me facebook is spelt wrong no wonder I have spelling problems.
So I will let her sulk for a while and wonder outside to absorb some sunlight in my cool garden, the weather here is heating up but so much cooler under the trees.
Also I now have a Iphone my daughters old one but I had it all set up today but still playing with it not too good at operating it yet.

New table and chairs these are so cool to sit on not sure how long they will last, they groan when I sit on them.

Drummy rooftop garden is coming along nicely, keeps her little house cool.

The beer fairy's garden there are pumpkins and tomatoes in there somewhere and lots of fouroclocks, they will be pretty when the flower.
Told you I had a windmill it's a bike wheel, birdcage stand and plastic fanblades, well I like it.\  

My herbs and tomato plants.

No flowers on my jacaranda tree yet, they have not put on much of a display this year, a cold snap put them off I think.

and the poor bay tree looks bad but have noticed a few green nobs maybe still will survive.
World events still being discussed by these two.
These two have returned to their Queensland home, my turn to visit next.

It's going to be 37c here tomorrow, maybe I will spend the day in the bath.


  1. Hello Merle, your garden is looking very pretty.. I love your cute windmill..I am sorry you are having problems with your computer, I hope everything returns to normal soon..Thanks for sharing your world, have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  2. Hari Om
    Technicals; just breathe....

    37? A bit of me is envious of the warmth, but even hotpack YAM would start to wane a bit in that kinda temp... Love the windmill! xx

  3. Really nice post. Nowt worse than having computer issues. They have been around a long time and should just work. No joke about 37? Wow, Lots of cold gin and tonics with lemon is my suggestion,

  4. It's official; I want your garden.

  5. ... Hi Merle... I do like your windmill, great recycling and reusing... xx
    I like the new table and chairs too.. those chairs really look cool to sit in....
    Hope the computer comes good for you... 'Hugs.. Barb xx

  6. your garden and yard look amazing, it has grown so much, wow, thats a handsome couple in the photos, sounds like you are in a heat wave!

  7. I really like your dining area..and I spy a Canada T-shirt! YAY Canada!
    Jane x

  8. The Beer Fairy's garden looks pretty good to me. You have such green unlike here....especially this time of year. Hope you can get your computer working properly. That would be good. Have a wonderful rest of the day- xo Diana

  9. It's going to be 37c tomorrow???? Dear god! If it makes it to 17 we'll be lucky.

    And I'm with you. I'd be in the blasted bath too - all day long!

  10. 37? Shudder. Too soon. Way too soon.
    Love the cool haven of your garden.
    And hiss and spit to computer woes.

  11. 37C? Too hot too soon. I see your bromeliads are starting to flower. I noticed Jacarandas starting to flower on the other side of town here, in my K's suburb, the western suburbs always get going first, maybe because they are nearer the beach. Your son looks a lot like the beer fairy.
    Hope the computer sorts itself out soon.

  12. Hi Merle, I like your new table set and your blue wheelbarrow- makes a very charming scene! Oh, I just googled how hot 37 Celsius is and it is 98.6 Fahrenheit - That is very hot! I don't blame you for wanting to spend the day in a tub. I love your 'windmill' - that is very clever, and your gardens are looking very lush and pretty. I hope the Beer Fairy and Drummy have solved the world's problems....Stay cool, my friend and hope your computer stops sulking! xo Karen

  13. What a lovely garden you have! Love all the shade, and the garden art scattered here in there! Guess I need to work at getting more art in my backyard space. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Wonderfull fotos and garden, greeting from Belgium, have a nice week.


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