Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Just a ramble

Today is Melbourne cup day, The race that stops a nation well here anyway but now it's international horses from all over the world.
My pick is Big Orange, the favourite often doesn't win in this race it's longer than normal here.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
I will keep it a secret how old I am but I'm not as young as I once was, nothing planed, just hanging around the house and garden it is going to rain so or so they say at the weather bureau.
I just realised our new PM has the same initials as me he is a MT too as long as he not empty of ideas but he is the wrong sex but guess he can't help that, being a male that is.

My Daughter and son has been buying furniture they are going to style their house before they sell it,  I really like the cupboard with the little drawers, the stool with no 5 on it, I want to write is alive on it. The tea chest is a bit odd, they have been buying up on eba, want it to be a bit different maybe.
My roses they smell wonderful and change colour as they age.B
Big storm coming, Kidney has the evil eyes showing, Leroy os sound asleep not worried at all.
She is just watching the weather.
Started a new painting nowhere near finished but often hang them on the wall for a while to pick out mistakes.
I took two of these but they are pretty.
This is a digger of some sort the beer fairy is fixing it for Bo Peep it's a long job.

Big storm last night the purple carpet is down today, Drummy is not sure.what it is.

This is how much rain fell last night.

No burning off today the pile is going down but too wet now.

Yesterday went to Bingo as usual but it was upstairs on the top floor this is in the lift coming down, don't like glass lifts much this was inside and only a few floors but outside a building up lots of floors up and coming down in a glass lift must be frightening, well for me any way.


  1. Hi Merle, I've enjoyed catching up with you. Your roses are stunning! Such lovely colors. And I also like the photo of the hen walking the flower petal path. Looks as if the kids have a nice business going. Do you ever show or sell your paintings?

  2. Just watched the presentations for the Cup, so happy that a female jockey rode the winner ! Happy Birthday for tomorrow, hope you have a wonderful day !Cheers, Cheryl.

  3. Your roses look beautiful.
    I don't take much interest in the Melbourne Cup anymore.
    I did see a bit when I turned on the TV, the race had just been won and by a female jockey too, but they weren't saying the name of the horse.

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Merle, don't let the rain stop you from having a lovely time!

  5. Happy Birthday Merle! I hope you did something special. I love your pretty roses. It is great that a woman jockey won the race. Nice shot of the Drummy and the fallen petals. Have a happy new week!

  6. I like that furniture collection, especiallly the chest with many drawers. And, a very happy birthday. Puttering around is good.

  7. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you...have a grand day...

  8. Happy early birthday Merle! I hope it is wonderful. I always enjoy pics of kitties, so sweet. That number 5 stool - be still my heart. It's awesome! Have a great day my dear! Jane

  9. Hari OM
    Happy Birthday Merle, mate!!! As always, enjoyed your views around the house and garden. The sea foam looks wild! YAM xx

  10. I think that thing is called a tiller. You have LOVELY paintings btw and I can tell your kiddos have the same artistic flair. That furniture is precious!

  11. Love your roses. And the cupboard with the drawers.
    I missed the Cup completely.
    Happy Birthday. I hope it is lovely.
    And send us some of that rain when you have finished with it. We got a bit, but could do with more.

  12. I like to see the workings in a glass lift. I hope your middle name is not Audrey or worse, Ursula.

  13. Ah yes, a very happy birthday.

  14. I don't like glass lifts either. Too scary as I don't like heights. I do like the purple walkway, though. Very pretty. And, Happy Birthday!

  15. Always so much fun to see what you have going on there. Kids are finding some good pieces of furniture. 5 Alive! lol Go for it!
    Happy Birthday to you and many more! xo Diana

  16. Oh Merle, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your new year of life brings you adventure, fulfillment, fun and abundance! I love having you as my blog friend and love seeing your kitties, too! Susan

  17. ... Hi Merle... I enjoyed rambling around your house and yard....
    Hope your Birthday was great.. xxx
    I love Drummie on the Jacaranda carpet...
    Hugs... Barb xxxx

  18. Your cats are beautiful. Mine would love your bird bath. And Drummie. Your paintings are very good. I like the endearing cozy cottages you paint.


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