Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What do you pay for haircuts

My  friend had a hair cut and a perm she looks lovely but I didn't have a camera with me so no picture but it is funny that hair is being talked about on the radio this morning.
It's talk back so people are ringing to say how much they pay for a haircut the most expensive is $375.00 they did get a colour job too but that's just crazy, oh and a cup of coffee, I would want a full meal with cake and coffee.
I've had a few trips to the hairdresser in my life, but now my hair is shoulder length and is often in a bun out of the way and much cooler in summer, just think of the money I've saved and colouring is not happening any more now I'm a soft grey.
 The best haircut in the world, my very first look it couldn't be cuter
 The teen years and early twenties.
 My first perm

 Even Boo Peep had a hair cut, here he is napping on a very short lounge.
 Still painting small birds

But started a beach scene not got too far with this.


  1. Love those painting friend! And I enjoyed those awesome shot of you up there! 375 for a haircut! Gee! I only get one about 2 times a year! Ha! Wishing you a creative week my friend! Nicole xoxo

  2. What a lovely baby you were. Boo Peep makes the living area look untidy, haha. They were talking about the same thing on radio here this morning, but I did not catch much.

  3. LOVE the baby photo, you were so cute. I haven't had many haircuts in my life, usually it is just sitting on my shoulders length and tied up in a ponytail. I had it short a few times recently, just a shampoo and cut for $45. I went to a different salon once and they charged $65 so I never went back. When I was younger I cut it myself if I wanted a change, now I can't hold my arms or shoulders back for long enough. It's longish again now and staying that way, I can't be bothered with cuts anymore. I certainly can't imagine paying $375.

  4. Loving your hairstyles over the years - particularly the super cute baby photo.
    I pay $25 for my haircuts. Which is plenty. JustCuts.
    Your birds are special too.

  5. You are so talented Merle. I love your paintings. I pay $25 for a hair cut every 6weeks and $60 for a cut and 1/2 head of foils every 12 weeks. This is so cheap because I know the hairdresser. I used to pay double that when I worked. My daughter and Granddaughter pay $180 for a cut and colour. I was an apprentice hairdresser when I left school but never completed. The pay was 1pound 11 shillings and sixpence then. Whatever happened since

  6. ....Merle ... I love your hair the colour it is now....
    Your new paintings are looking great......
    op over to my blog and check out the Kitchen bench..Hubby put [t in today I love it
    Hugs.... Barb xxx... xxxxx

  7. Hari OM
    Oh your paintings always delight Merle! ... hairdressers equate to dentists in the YAMster's book.... I have long hair and take the scissors to the ends twice a year myself. In the days when I was conforming to such things, I used the budget chain over at Hornsby mall... $25 was more than my budget was prepared to stretch!!! Could anyone tell the diff between that and a job ten times as much? Only if I told them... YAM xx

  8. wow, 375 dollars ,thats amazing, a wash and cut and style is 40 dollars here, aperm 100 and color is around 100, thats at the cheaper places, I know some are a lot more, I confess I cut my own and I don't color my hair,,, you have such lovely hair,,

  9. I cannot imagine paying so much for a haircut. I do get one every couple of months, at a chain salon. It costs twelve dollars and I tip the hair cutter thirteen. I always get a good cut; they sort of juggle customers to get me.

  10. Oh, your hair was beautiful. I suppose one can spend accordingly to what your income can afford. 375 is a bit much for mine. My hair is not my crowning glory so no amount of money can make it happen. haha
    I like to see the progress of your paintings.

  11. I usually use both hands with two mirrors and masking tape. Then I pop the tape on my hair and cut along the lines in the mirror. Close enough. I think the tipping is the most awkward part. I hate tipping. I would rather just pay more to start with, it's not so much the money, yk?

  12. I get a color, cut, and style for $40, American.

  13. Loving your birds in progress...talented lady.
    Your hair looks good. Never had a perm as my hair is curly and I wanted it straight and still do, so I sometimes straighten it.
    The hairdo price is criminal, never would I pay that much. My hairdresser comes to my house as a mobile hairdresser and her price is affordable.


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