Friday, 9 September 2016

Sleeping in the sun and there is a croc in the pond.

The weather is warming up, It makes no difference to the cats they sleep all day if possible, sometimes one or the other must get up for food or a wonder outside.

These two are not to active .

The wrens have come back, two little ladies and the pretty blue male, maybe building a nest but they are to  fast and so tiny they are hard to see much less take photos of.

The honourable Mr Pidge Featherfoot., he likes having his photo taken but he is very good looking.
Well these two did move outside
if only to doze off in the sun, the only one missing is Drummy she has not been very social the last couple of days maybe a bit under the weather.
The guardian of the back door, he doesn't frighten anyone he almost looks friendly.
On Monday we went back to Bingo it's been two months since we last went, on the way home we called into a friends place, he had cleaned the winter leaves out of his pond and he has a few fellows living in his empty pond.
A tiny one on the side .
Would this frighten you if it was in your garden pond it would me.


  1. Hello Merle, your kitties are adorable. I like the photo of Pidge. I would love to have those pretty wren in my yard, lucky you! You can keep the croc. Happy weekend to you!

  2. oh my gosh! I think I would rather have koi in my pond.

  3. Hari OM
    Crikey, what a croc..... &*> Hey there Pidge - you look good in the new housie; purrrrsss to the cats. Change of season time is always a treasure, I think... YAM xx

  4. I love the little wrennies. It's all over here, till next year.

  5. No croc for me! No doubt it would scare me! lol

  6. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to 'lax as well as a cat?
    Loved the garden and Pidge shots.
    I am with River though. Koi are much more better than crocs...

  7. .. Hi Merle... I love dappled sunlight and curtains blowing into a room... makes me smile..
    Pidge is looking great...
    ... Love the crocs and the guardian of the back door..
    ... Barb xxxx

  8. I shivered when I saw the croc, even though I know it is fake.

  9. That crocodile looks too real to me it would scare me. Spring is a beautiful season. It would be lovely if Spring and Autumn lasted longer.

  10. LOL- You can KEEP that croc head there. I have seen one up close and personal and they freak me out. Funny to think you are warming up there and we are cooling down here. xo Diana
    ps- love your sleeping kitty!

  11. I almost thought that crocodile was real, Merle. Yes, that would freak me out if I saw it in my garden pond! Mr. Pidge looks so regal in this picture.



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