Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sydney house for sale , not mine of course.

My son and daughter are selling their sydney home, they now live interstate and had rented it out but thats a lot of work and don't have the time as they rented to people they know and no real estate were used so they did all the repairs themselves and the prices are crazy at the moment. 
The skip was full you most not go over the brim as they won't take it or leave off the top laver so it's not wise to risk it, so son said there will be more added in the night but there was some taken away so they had room to add a bit more you never know.
I really like the colours but the real estate made the comment to repaint all white, I think thats a bit boring but it sells houses.

He will do the lawn the tenants had two big dogs, made a bit of a mess.

I like this light shade.
And the kitchen
The bathroom is a bit boring.
Something has happened to this stove maybe a bit of a fire.
THis is a huge bedroom, will a original fireplace.
The windows have been replaced.

A walk in wardrobe with lots of storage I would love this.
The lounge room, seating a bit sparse.

The ex tennants left these in the garden so they are mine now, after a bath they will sit in my top garden.
Cute smiles


  1. That is always a job getting a house ready to show and sell. Same thing here- whtie walls sells homes- no one likes colors and they can't imagine how it would look if it is brown or blue and they don't like those colors. Crazy but that's the way it is.

    Smiling over your new "couple". Hope they can sell quickly. xo Diana

  2. Your new residents will be very happy in your garden.
    It is a shame that 'dull' sells isn't it?
    Last time we had a skip I had to get the skinny one (and the next door neighbour) to jump on the contents a bit to settle them down...

  3. Sweet little Jack and Jill. They will keep good company in your garden.

  4. its a lovely home!
    Those two are a great addition to the garden!!

  5. "real estate made the comment to repaint all white"
    ours said the same thing years ago, so hubby and daughter got busy with buckets of paint, the house eventually sold to the people who'd loved the original blue walls.
    I like those boy and girl figures, we have them here in our cheap as chips shops but I haven't bought them yet, they're on my list.

  6. It's a lovely house I'm sure it will sell quickly!
    The two new garden figures look just right, shining in the sun ! Cheers, Cheryl.

  7. I don't know so much about painting it all white. While all white offends no one, most people would like the wall colours. What a great win with Jack and Jill. I am sure we will see them in photos in time to come.

  8. Hari OM
    Love your new garden residents!!! The bathroom only having been done last year is definitely in the house's favour... and the colours are very "vogue" so I really don't think folk would mind them at all... It's such a business this turning everything 'neutral', only to have the buyer come in and splash colour everywhere!!! Hope there is a quick sale for them. YAM xx

  9. I prefer all off white walls. A bit of work in the backyard there, but all repairs and paint done helps to sell.
    I like your Jack & Jill...

  10. Looks like a nice, cozy house with lots of personality. I'm sure it will sell fast. Cute little garden friends you have found! x Karen

  11. Looks like you came out the winner with the garden people. Hope the house sells and all works out. I loved the coffee table story.

  12. This is a lovely house and I agree about the white paint. It is a bit boring.

  13. I like your new garden couple, Merle...they're very cute! Agents always say paint white or neutral to sell..can be boring but it's a safer way to let buyers see their own style in a home. Hope it sells quickly for them :)

  14. I love the house! And boring bathrooms are great. You don't want too much "personality" or knicknacks and stuff in the bathroom. Just clean, tidy, do what ya gotta do and get out. :)

  15. I love the house! But there is a little bit ugly landscape.


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