Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Words for Wednesday...last week that is and the new car......................

He was good looking blue eyes and blond, tall and burly just perfect.
But as she looked down he was standing with the aid of a walking stick, just recovering from a motor bike accident, well we all need a rebel in our lives sometimes, the alarm bells rang as a member of a 
bike gang she wasn't sure if she wanted to get involved with him.
 The son is visiting from QLD, he is down for two weeks.
The new car make the journey, it's a lovely thing I like the BMW a very neat car and a new one is always better, the beer fairy has never owned a new car in his life and I've never owned a car.

 Their engine is so small and compact.
This is a posed photo as if you couldn't tell, father and son looking silly.


  1. Love the words. River is putting them up this month.
    I really like the Beer Fairy's slippers on the poshmobile too.
    New car? Luxury.

  2. Nor have we ever owned new. But that is a great looker; best of luck with it yo your son!



  3. Funny how our kids end up living in a better house than us and driving better vehicles. How does that happen???
    I can see THOSE slippers becoming a regular on your posts Merle!!

  4. Nice car, I like BMWs.
    I like your short story too, well done.

  5. Good to have your son visit.. I like the BMW...I have an Audi as my car at the moment..

  6. Hari OM
    Evocative scene to begin... pretty wheels to complete! Not engines more compact, they are all closed in to ensure that you have to take them to garages for maintenance. Doesn't stop one gazing happily at the innards though! YAM xx

  7. Hello Merle, nice words. Your son's vehicle is nice. I like the slippers too. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  8. Beautiful car. My thirteen year old granddaughter is beginning to pick BMW's and Porsche's out from the rest on the road. She has good taste.

  9. GREAT car! My SIL's very favorite car in the world. Fun picture of your two "boys". xo Diana

  10. Ahhh, forgot how bitty the cars were there. Here, lots of pickup trucks and SUVs. :)

  11. ... Hi Merle... great story...
    I love your son's new car....
    The photo of him and the Beer Fairy is a good one...
    Love the love the big fluffy feet on top of the car...
    Hugs... Barb xxx

  12. Your new car looks nice. We recently got a new car, too. It was also our first time buying a new car, also. Its a good feeling you get when you have signed all the paperwork and get to sit in it on the first ride home. The payments are lower than expected, too.

    Jeremiah @ Viva Auto Outlet

  13. I used to work at the local car dealership and I would never take advantage of my customers. What I discovered was that when I took care of one, they told ten, then ten told a hundred, and before I knew it I had a loyal following. Ask around with friends and neighbors before you drive to the dealer and you won't be disappointed.

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru


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