Thursday, 4 June 2015

My kitchen, winter sunshine and a dead spider.

Kitchen clean up today, still got to do the tiles but the sun is shining outside, maybe wonder out for a few hours.

It's 11.30 soon the sun will go about 2.00pm it get very cold.  
This is what I spend time doing today,This is the mighty ''Almost Clyde River'', we were once in the suburb of Clyde such as it was, but they redivided the areas and when we elected last we were told that one side of our street was in one area and the other side in another.
Boo Peep was off to the hardware shop 'Bunnings' last week so I asked him to get me a big bag of blue metal all he heard was blue and turned up with blue stones in two little bags so I decided to make a river out of them, there is always a use for everything, but the crazy thing is this guy works in construction but did nor recognise blue metal they always call it gravel, That is what he tells me but as he is a male I think it's another case of selected deafness.

This is the area for the blue gravel.
This is winter sunshine at it's best.

Leeroy knows it water see she doesn't's want to get her feet wet.
My poor huntsman died yesterday may be the cold killed him.
No words for Wednesday today we have had something go wrong in the family today so I will be offline for a few days.


  1. I like your landscaping with the blue gravel. Looking good. Hope all is well.

  2. I am sorry that something went wrong in your family. Please let us know that all is well as soon as you can. xo Diana

  3. Why did the chicken cross the river? No, why did the cat cross the river?
    I hope the troubles are soon sorted.

  4. Hari OM
    LOL at Leroy... the 'river' is just perfect for you garden... Sorry to hear of trubs; keeping you in heart and prayer... YAM xx

  5. I am sorry to hear that all is not well in your family. I hope it all comes right quickly.

  6. I fear the river will break its banks when Drummy starts scratching around. I like the red highlights in your kitchen. Good luck with the family business.

  7. You are in my fond thoughts and prayers, Dear

    ( '>

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  8. I love the little river garden. I like a nice neat kitchen too. I think I probably clean my kitchen more than any other room.
    Sorry to hear you've had trouble in the family; take all the time you need.

  9. Crikey Merle ...... I sure hope all is ok with your family. Mum's eyes light up like neon signs when she sees your name pop up. She can't wait to read your posts and trust me ...... you two would be complete opposites. You make her happy. Something you do have in common ..... she LOVES huntsman spiders and would never, ever kill one. She's had them in her house since she was a kid and she always calls them Charley. I've got long legs ..... maybe that's why she called me Charlie but I'm Charlie with an IE not an EY, aye?? How clever's Leeroy?? He knows a river when he sees one, aye? Hope all is ok!!

  10. I like the blue river! I hope all is well with your family! We will all be thinking of you!

  11. I love your kitchen and that plate rack is something I have always wanted, its funn y how Leroy doesn't step on the blue, lol,,

    I hope what ever is wrong in the family is not serious and will soon be well again,

  12. Hi Merle, I love snooping around in your kitchen. Looks like you have everything tidied up and where you want it. I want a dish drainer like yours and have been looking....the new ones are plastic and I don't like them. I like your river of stones and how funny about Leroy not wanting to step in it! I think I would be alarmed to see the spider - he looks rather large - but I am assuming he is harmless. We get lots of spiders here and I don't kill them, I catch and release. I do hope things will be ok with the family. I'll be thinking of you.

  13. ...Hi Merle... I love your bright kitchen... always welcoming.......
    The little river is cute..great use of the blue stones.... I wouldn't get BoPeep to get anything for you again, he doesn't speak Aussie...
    Hugs.. Barb xxx

  14. Looks a good kitchen.
    I do hope things are not too bad in the family..

  15. Hope today is better for your family! Sending a little prayer your way.Jane

  16. Ohh, your kitchen is so cozy and neat! Praying for you and your family right now.


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