Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A busy week

I've had no computer for a while now the wfie (how do you write that] is dead so  that explains why I have been so silent, I hope everyones new year went well.
 I am very impressed with my plumbago this year it's just a mass of flowers.
A toy for the beer fairy, I must hide it soon as it squirts water nice in summer but not so good in winter and him being a kid at heart who nows when you will get a cooling spray.
 I've done some more of my blanket why I'm doing this in the middle of summer is any ones guess.
 This is my new computer table I've had problems, it only works plugged in at the moment and the phone is as dead as a doornail, I've contacted my providers but they may soon not be my providers as they have ignored me so not to happy with them.
 Always sleeping cats they are everywhere.
 And about halfway so far.
 New pillow  cases to match my quilt cover.

 More sleeping cats

under angry stalking cats.
This is Parramatta bus stop, I've never seen it so quite, always crowded with people.
There are plans for more high rise flats, not the way I would want to live but it's very close to shops and coffee shops pubs etc and lots of people like that.
He is a cutie, there was a wombat on the bus before this one but I wasn't quick enough.

Good to be home it's a hot hot day.
Lots of P and one L plate they fall off the cars out the front so everyone puts them here on my power box.

 We are having repairs done to our roof but the trees grow over them and have to be cut back, the beer fairy was very tired after a afternoon of cutting back.
 Gaps are appearing.
 but we still have plenty of tree left.
 He was cutting the branches and throwing them down to me to chop up a bit so they would fit in the moucher they starter arriving blood stained so I was calling out are you ok but him being as deaf as a post just didn't hear,  he hadn't noticed he was bleeding working so hard he was.
 It's all a bit messy

 And a lot more sun in the mornings
 This is the entrance to the back yard last night we will clear in the morning.

More sleeping cats a ball of wool for a pillow well I never.


  1. everything looks so cosy , your garden is just over flowing with abundance!! I used to have cats sleeping everywhere too, up on shelves, on window sills, on chairs, I miss them so much, I can see the beer fairy spraying that penguin at you , better watch out!

  2. The youngsters like the high rises. No commitments.

  3. Oh Merle....So sorry to hear of the computer problems. Glad they are abating. Your blue flowers are SOOOO PRETTY. The foliage looks so nice and green, too.

    It is FREEZING here. Tomorrow is expected to be 30 degrees below zero at night. BRRRRR. We are in the heart of winter and you are in summer. Go figure! Susan

  4. Does the plumbago smell nice? It looks as though it should.
    Aaaaah,sweet kitty asleep on the wool.
    Jane x

  5. Loving your garden. And all the work you and the beer fairy put into it.
    I have a huge weakness for Paddington Bear too. I was given a gorgeous one for Christmas. Must see that movie...

  6. Crikey Merle ...... that pumbago is sure putting on a show for you this year, aye?? Very pretty. Mum loves your quilt cover and the new pillow cases. She loves everything blue and white. Those willow pattern plates have always been favourites for her. If you need any help moving those pussy cats along just give me a yell. I'd soon wake 'em up for you, aye??

  7. Hey you!!! Been wondering how you've been! Your front garden is exquisite!!! WOW! It literally knocked me over!!! Wishing you a wonderful week!!! Nicole xoxo

  8. A riot of plumbago. Why to P and L plates fall off cars in front of your place? Is there a big bump in the road?

  9. Happy New Year Merle. My goodness you are busy bees at your house. Love the Plumbago. We had that at one of our previous homes but haven't the room here.

  10. Hari Om
    so very glad to see you here.... and all the wonder of your garden. That first photo through the window to the plumbago is FABulous and (hint hint) would make a great painting subject.... good luck getting all the pooter trubs (wifi etc) back into full kick. YAM xx

    1. My internet died completely this week but it is back at the moment not sure if it will be long so lots of catching up to do.
      You are right it would make a great painting.

  11. lol what a guy! Bleeding everywhere and not noticing.

    Your home looks lovely, although yes, it looks like the flowers are about to eat your house. :)

    1. They sure take over nobody likes them because they are sticky but i love them.

  12. No Wifi, well that explains your absence. Your plumbago is looking stunning, I like it a lot. I also like that granny square rug on the small blue couch, with the cat sleeping on it. Leroy I think. I asked my mum once to crochet one for me, she made "her" version of one, it was awful, plain coloured squares, no black dividers, but I kept it until she died.
    Fancy the beer fairy not noticing he was bleeding! Just too busy getting the job done.

    1. The blanket you liked so much was found in a truck by the beer fairy he saw it wrapped around some freight and bought it home to me I've had it on lounges and beds ever since some people just don't realise how much time and effort it takes to make a blanket and they last forever.
      It was a hot day and he was in a hurry to finish I think.

  13. Hi Merle.... just saying hello tonight... talk to you on the weekend... Barb xx

  14. Your house and gardens are beautiful.
    Your very last comment tickled me.

  15. I love the stained glass windows, Were they in the house? or did you guys put them in? Is the shrubbery coming in the door, or is the door outside, can't make that out. What wonderful flowers. So is the tree just getting trimmed? Looks like quite the job there, there will be a lot of light when it's trimmed. I have missed you, came over to see what's up. Looks like you are very busy.......Hugs Janice

  16. You're doing a great job on your blanket --- from a distance it looks like a quilt!! Great colors. The front of your house is perfect!!! A natural yard so that you don't have to mow and perfect for all the pollinators. You have a massive GREEN Thumb!!


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