Sunday, 28 December 2014

The week before Christmas and Christmas dinner.

Went to visit my friend before christmas,  this is Kyton  you would think I was going to steal his dinner from that intense look.
Ok not worried now I must look well fed.
pretty aren't they will not grow at my house

Look Kyton has his own christmas stocking, wonder what he wants most likely a nice bone.

This is such a cute shower curtain.
What a neat workshop, I would like one like this, mine is almost impossible to get in the door, well it's not mine it's the beer fairy's and he likes it that way I suspect, impossible to find things but I now store power tools and hammer and stuff inside so I can find things.

Kidney and Drummy have their own chairs, Kidney will share with the beer fairy, Drummy will not share with anyone.

Aren't I the best looking hen in the world.
What's that I hear you say, you can't tell me apart from other brown hens well you need glasses.
Oh lookie here rockmelon I'm very fond of that fruit, funny thing Drummy doesn't like mangoes she leaves me alone when she finds I'm eating them and I'm always eating them.

I bought a new jigsaw maybe finished by 2015 maybe not.
I started a new blanket for winter it been a bit cold the last few days.

My mighty river and bridge, I've been playing in the garden.

 Well I started it.

 This fellow was crawling around my laundry this morning, most likely hiding from Drummy.
 A friend mad these little planters they are just right to hold my small jugs the cats often knock them off and they break easily, they were once full of ginger beer and we had them for years.
 The foyer of our club where we play bingo, they had some wonderful displays for christmas.
 Christmas day, Angus opening his gifts.

 Chrismas dinner lots of vegs.
 Ham and salad.
 Wonderful salted chicken this is the best chicken I ever tasted.
 Special beer fairy's mayonaise.
 And home made cheese bread I forgot to take pictures of the chocolate pudding too busy eating it.
 This a full tummy And sleepy look.

 The beer fairy looks worried did he eat too much and will it spoil his figure  the cooks are busy in the kitchen but I did help with the washing up.

Angus says hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.


  1. Wow. Christmas dinner looks good. And your garden (and Drummy) always look good.
    Does Kyton have problems with his sight? The blue blur on his eye reminded me of a dog of ours who went blind - it botthered us a lot more than her though.

  2. Everything is wonderful: gardens, dinner, pets. Amazing how that granny square throw just gets bigger and bigger and further and further around.

  3. everything looks wonderful, wonderful meal, love that shower curtain, love the presents wrapped for the dogs, you have a beautiful puzzle to do, I always have one on the go too, you have been busy on that crotchet!

  4. Hello Merle...Love how you always include all the animals. Hope your Christmas is wonderful! Susan

  5. Crikey Merle ...... looks like you had a great Christmas. Mum ALWAYS gets a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas too. Years ago, the rule was, they had to be finished by New Years Day. These days they are lucky to be finished by the following Christmas.

  6. Awww... there is sweet Kyton! You must have visited dear Barbara :)

    Sounds like your Christmas was lovely - may you have a wonderful New Year. Hugs to you!

  7. Looks like you had a nice holiday! Happy New Year!

  8. Lovely photos of much that is dear to you. Yes we all eat too much. Best wishes.

  9. Looks like you all had a wonderful day. The chicken looks delicious!
    I really love the little bridge and river you've created.
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Hari Om
    That looks just about a perfect Christmas! Glad you had such a lovely time, as we did here (I am in Edinburgh with the peeps)... looking into the maw of 2015 now! YAM xx

  11. Hi Merle... love the Christmas photos... the chicken looks wonderful, I must get the recipe...
    I like Angus opening his present.. xxx
    Can you let Elephant's Child know that Kyton will be 12yrs in March'15. The vet said his general sight is OK but his night vision won't be as good as it was due to his age.. we were worried about his cloudy eyes too....doesn't seem to bother him....... Hugs ... Barb xxx

  12. A fine collection of festive pics. Particularly love the one of Angus opening his present. Delightful :)

  13. Looks like you had a lovely holiday. Glad to see Drummy has everything under control :)

  14. A fun tour, Merle - love seeing your friend's garden and I have a cockatiel nearly identical to hers. Love your crocheted blanket - it looks like it will be very warm and cozy. You had a wonderful feast for Christmas - now I am hungry looking at all the photos. Wishing you a wonderful New Year, my friend. xo Karen

  15. Hello Merle, looks like a fun visit with your friend, I like the Kyton and the cute bird. Your Kidney and Drummy are always fun to see..Your blanket looks pretty. I wish you and your family all the best in 2015, a happy & healthy New Year.

  16. Hi Merle..... I've started a photography blog and I hope you'll visit me there sometime... here's the address....... ..... Hugs... Barb xxx


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