Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Walk to Woolies and back on a sunny day.

Well we had heatwaves and rain in the last couple of weeks so today is a nice mild day with lots of sunshine I off for a walk.

I think this house is sweet, I 've taken pictures of houses I like on the way.

This is the walkway going in the other direction to the other day.

The riverbank get overgrown at this time of the year.

And here are the ducks they are wild so they don't come too close.

looking south

Looking north

The council provides little seats for resting. 

This is the start of the walking and bike track

Cute little blue house

very large tree.

more houses.

This garden has a blue hedgehog in the front, I have never seen it before. 

Home again

My front door.


  1. Hello Merle,
    What a lovely walk. I'm glad the weather was kind to you. I like the creek with the ducks.Thanks, Merle...have a good day, Barb

  2. Those are some really cute homes there - what a great walk. sandie

  3. What a nice walk with lots and lots to look at. Love, love those cute homes!

  4. Sweet homes and none so pretty as your own front door. I do worry a bit about homes sitting right out in the full sun with not a lick of shade. They must have big AC bills.

    Thank you for your comment on Molly. She is actually doing better on all her meds. ☺

  5. Merle you pass by some very lovely old homes on your walks!
    The blue and green ones are very pretty.
    I was showing hubby today and he was trying to remember what creek/river that is in your photos?

  6. HI Trish,
    It's called Duck Creek and as you see it has ducks, a few any way.

  7. Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment - I do appreciate it :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend! And I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your lovely pictures.


  8. Wow, what a lovely walk that was! I love the gate and steps up to your home the best:)

    Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog:)

  9. Looks like you live in paradise :-) Lucky you!
    big hugs,


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