Saturday, 22 December 2012

A new pole a gas leak a bit more garden

This what I woke to this morning a nice noisy operation to fix the gas leak but no one is complaining we have been smelling gas for a couple of days, the police and fire brigade were here last night, a lot of standing around talking and not much was done but all fixed now.

My pictures are all in the wrong order so now I'm showing you what i got up to in the garden.  I added red bark to most of the garden where there is a snail problem, they have been feasting on everything the bark dries them out and they move on to somewhere else it worked up the back lets hope it works here. 

It is nice and bright next to the green.

Oh I found my bucket for my wishing well.

This is a solar light my friend gave me for christmas, he is very cute. 

This is the only wild part left now.

Here we have the workman from the electricity co fixing the pole out the front it had termites in it.

I took some photos out the window of their cranes.

The cats are getting into the christmas spirit well kidney is.

Leroy just likes sleeping

Back to the workmen.

Two cranes to fix one pole.

Close the road off it was nice and quiet for a while.

By lunchtime the new pole was in the ground and they had packed up and left what we did not know was they cracked a gas pipe in the operation but soon found out from the smell so the guy next door rang the police and it was a long process to get it fixed but the lady on the other side of us was cut off when they fixed the leak talk about a comedy of errors but all ok now, I think..


  1. Your garden is looking quite splendid, Merle. You have your own little corner of paradise on earth there.

    Hope the gas leak got all fixed. Oh, that must have been a bit scary.

    Hope you have a good and peaceful weekend! Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      It was only scary when the gas guy I was chatting to said the gas was coming out of the ground at such a rate that if someone had walked by with a lighted smoke we would have all gone up in the explosion, but that didn't
      happen we are all still here.

  2. Hi Merle... what a lot of excitement!!!
    Glad the pole was fixed, I know you were worried about the termites.
    Gas leaks are not nice, hope they fixed it properly.
    The garden looks wonderful....
    See you soon
    Barb xx

    1. Hi Barb,
      Merry Christmas.
      It is nice and cool today good after the heat.

  3. Thank you for the Christmas wishes :) I greatly appreciate it!
    Merry Christmas to you too, my dear Merle!


  4. What fun and games you've had at your place, Merle!!
    The smell of leaking gas is always a worry - glad they got that one fixed quickly.
    Your garden looks so good and the wishing-well is fabulous now that you've found the bucket!

    I hope you have a happy holiday break.
    At least it will be nice and cool down your way today...good for relaxing in your lovely garden and just taking it easy :-)
    Merry Christmas, Merle!!

  5. Oh, this is so lovely, Merle, seeing beautiful growing things when our cold weather is just beginning...we have to wait another 4 months! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and have a fabulous 2013!

  6. Gas leaks can be so scary. Glad that it is now resolved. Oh you are doing ever so much work in your garden with just one patch of wild left...are you leaving it or taming it? It does look like a proper Christmas garden just now.

  7. No wonder we pay so much for our services,with the lack of care when repairing something. Gas leaks can be so dangerous. So glad it's now fixed.
    Your garden is looking really nice. The red bark looks very Christmasy.
    Happy New Year. xx Jeanetteann

  8. Thursday message....Hello Merle....Thanks so much for your visits! Have a happy weekend. Susan


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