Sunday, 2 December 2012


Last week the beer fairy spent time over our son and daughter in law place,  he is off to Queensland today to start a new job (this job was too good to pass up ) only trouble was he was in the middle of doing up his house in Sydney. The house is over 100 years old and needed lots of repais, they have been doing it slowly,  almost all the walls have been replaced inside because they were all wooden boards and over the years had developed gaps which let in the cold and heat. This is the spare bedroom that they only just finished.

They have moved all the dinning room furniture in here to do up that room,  I like the chinese chair in the middle of the picture.

This is the dinning room as you see all walls are gone and are in the process of being replaced, the beer fairy is adding his personal touch.

This is the bedroom walls,  interesting colours not sure at first but I do like them very much now.

This shot is a bit dark but you get the idea.

They have a walk in wardrobe.

This is the hallway nothing done here but cutting a manhole in the roof to get to the roof,  but you can see what the walls were like.

This is going to be the lounge room at the moment its used for storing all sorts of bits,  supplies and tools.

The kitchen was the first room they did.

This is their office or study.

It's walls are lined with storage cupboards but I would never have glass doors to hard to keep tidy.

This was an open porch but they closed it in often have breakfast and meals here always full of sunshine it's a lovely spot in winter. Odd things are found when you are doing up a house, they found a huge birds nest about 2feet across and 4 dead birds in the roof but the hole where they were getting in has been fixed so that will not happen again.  


  1. Hello Merle..Oh, your son and his wife will have a very lovely home. It's hard to do so much renovation but, in the end, it will be worth it!

    Nice your hubs is helping, too!

    Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for your visit and comment, too. Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      The house is coming along nicely but all on hold at the moment till they work out if they are staying in QLD or NSW.

  2. Hi Merle - I am here from your comment on my blog. I don't have your email address or I would write you a personal comment back. My email is skcz at comcast dot net.

    I always try' to give a $1 when I see someone out there. I agree - the Salvation Army is a good one to give to. Right now it seems that everyone is hurting out there and times are tough.

    So are you new in blogging? I assume.

    And who is doing the renovations - I think it will turn out nice.


    1. Hi Sandie,
      I will try and send you an email but for some reason it doesn't always work. Pretty new, only been using it a little over 6months but having trouble with the modum don't always have internet it goes on strike. My son and wife are doing all the renovations themselves.

  3. That old house has great "bones".
    I can see so much potential in the photos!
    They will have a really lovely home when it's done.
    The kitchen is fantastic!
    I actually like the timber walls - my hubby's parents house was like that and it always had such a nice cosy feel about it!
    Renovating is hard work but it's rewarding to see how you can bring a home back to life!

    1. Hi Trish,
      I like the kitchen too it's nice and big mine is tiny.
      The timber walls look good but these had lots of gaps so were cold in winter and hot in summer.
      The exterior is federation and inside moden it's a big contrast but it does work.

  4. Hi Merle..... the renovations are coming along very well.
    I love the kitchen...and ..the lovely little Chines chair.
    I could see myself sitting in the little porch area reading , etc,etc
    Have a good day
    Barb xx

  5. Okay I am a weird blogger - but I like to write comments back to my followers when they make a comment to me. That is why I asked for your address - it is hard to correspond if you don't. And you have only followed three people. Would love to follow both ways. sandie

    1. Yes I would, but often my computer plays up and I'm not sure what I'm doing,when my friend comes over she teaches me more stuff so will ask her.


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