Saturday, 8 December 2012

My wishing well

This week I have been building a wishing well, trying to anyway,  this the wood construction of the roof.

Because I want plants in it I want a roof that lets water in, I'm not sure if this will work. 

This will be the base it's half a compost tumbler.

Another picture of my roof construction.

My friend put this on facebook I find it amusing I would have transfered it over but don't know how so I took a picture so it's a bit dark.
Next week I will show you the completed wishing well, maybe if it's finished.


  1. Hi Merle: You are quite clever. That seems like a big job taking on the building of a wishing well. Thank you for your kind comments to me. I love hearing from you and thank you for visiting the Cottage..Happy Weekend..Judy

  2. Hi Merle,
    A wishing well sounds lovely!
    This is my first time visiting your blog, and I've enjoyed looking at all the photos. I like taking pictures of cute little cottages too.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. Please visit again soon, I love making new bloggy friends.
    Have a very merry and blessed Christmas,

  3. Wow - a wishing well!
    That is going to look fabulous in your garden.
    Good luck with it :-)
    Thanks for the giggles via your facebook friend.
    Very clever!
    When we moved to "the bush" we had to get used to a lot of new nick-names for places and things around here.
    Now we giggle at visitors who get it wrong like we used to do 30 years ago.
    We Aussies do have some funny ways, don't we?!lol!
    Although I must admit..I hate it when people don't pronounce Australia properly. I'm always going crook on the TV presenters for that one!
    Have a great day, Merle.

  4. Hi Merle...Never knew anyone who built a wishing well. Good for you! Also, thanks for the visits to my blog and the comments, too! Susan

    1. Oh fun! How lovely to have one of those! I am not Australian but I enjoyed the facebook post. Although I don't know what a wagga wagga and woy woy is, lol!


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