Wednesday, 15 August 2012

third week of garden clean up

Angus came to visit this week so Wednesday off no work just play with him.

Kidney is not coming out to play she will just watch. 

The same with pige

These are two little people that had a bit of a paint job to brighten them up.

The little girl is very cute.

I have some great looking mushrooms.

And a new baby duck.

This is right outside my back door

A ponytail palm

The only flowers I have at the moment.

These are the only birds our pet pigeon will allow to stay in his backyard these ones are china he chases all the others away


  1. Your lawn ornaments are lovely and your dogs are so cute :)

  2. The dog belongs to my daughter she has just started work he was by himself all week and feeling lonely so he now visits me coming on Tuesday night staying Wednesday we enjoy the visits and it breaks the week up for him, even my cats like to see him as he was living at our place when he was a puppy.

  3. Playing with Angus sounds like more fun but your garden is coming along so well too!
    Love your little ornaments, Merle!
    And bright nasturtiums are a great flower to have and always add such cheer to a yard. can eat them :-)
    Have a great day..Trish xx

    1. I only got two weeks left to get the back garden clean for M&M Jodies little dog they are off travelling in USA for a month so he is coming to stay. The nasturtiums are great the pop up everywhere I sometimes put them in salads but put to many in the first time and it was just to spicy.

  4. Hi Merle,
    Angus is looking wonderful and I'm sure he and M&M will enjoy all the new places to run around in the yard. I love nasturtiums but they die at my place. Love the new paint job on your little people.
    Have a good day.
    Barb xx

    1. I will put some in a pot with my soil as long as they have sun they should grow they do like a lot of compost I have found them growing in odd places.

  5. Hi Merle! Your pigeon chases the other birds away! ha! I have doves in my yard, they are cousins of pigeons I guess! I love their cooing. They are so shy though, and run away and then awkwardly fly quickly if I walk near them. Your nasturtiums are pretty...I always think their round green leaves look like a fairy garden! love,andrea

  6. Hi nice to hear from you we have doves too they come in the morning when our pigeon is out flying but i have noticed when there are crows around he is tucked away in his bed and very quiet a bit worried about them.

  7. I adore ponytail palms.

    So glad you stopped by my blog earlier. Thanks so much.

    1. They are pretty good, I don't many of the other palms much they drop leaves and look a bit scatty most of the time.


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