Thursday, 2 August 2012

second day of the clean up

Kidney gazing into space wondering where everything gone.

That is not a happy look we had mice up in the jungle it was the cats hunting ground.

Angus doesn't care.

But Kidney is not talking to me 

maybe for some time.

This was the ash it was still hot this morning.

All happy now .

This was stacked up with wood and branches only a little bit to go.


  1. Poor Kidney! I'm sure she'll find something else to do occupy her time with :-)
    Looks like you could've roasted some nice potatoes in your tub, Merle!
    We aren't allowed to burn anything in our yard here, but there are times we wish we could!

    1. Not sure where our council stands on backyard burning but people often do here so I don't they are to worried but not in summer. We tried the roast potatoes in the indoor fire but they burnt on the outside and raw in the middle it is hard to get it right.

  2. Hi Merle,
    Looking good!!
    Don't do too much at once ...pace need to be fit for Bingo on Monday.
    Have a good day
    Barb :)

  3. I have finished for this week. I off to the shops today no work today.


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