Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Backyard Clean Up

These boxes  will be my new vege garden the ground is full of tree roots so when you dig you damage then.

The last of the wood to be burnt I must admit it looked better with all the vines and flowers growing wild over the pile of wood than now.

A few stumps left on this side and my resting chair.

I have just worked out how to make the pictures large so I enlarged some of the rest of the garden for your enjoyment I not sure what the beer fairy is doing maybe counting his fingers.


  1. Hi Merle,
    the garden plans are looking good.....I like the vege boxes you've made.
    Have a good day
    Barb xx

    1. Hi barb,
      yes I have been busy we are trying to get things ready for Joe & Mays little dog when he comes to stay he visits about once a week and Joe goes away for a little time so he feels at home.

  2. Hi Merle!
    You are really busy in your garden - which is where I need to be doing more work too!
    I like the way your plants have that lovely sub-tropical look.
    And I see you have coleus - one of my favourites :-)

    The blue star flowers you asked about are bulbs, and are called Ipheion or Spring Starflower.
    You can buy them online or in Bunnings etc. (when they have them in stock).
    Ours were already here when we moved in.
    They are easy to grow and look lovely massed in a big patch.
    The only "down" side is that after the flowers finish the leaves look like unmowed grass, but it's worth it for the bright spot they give you in Spring.
    Actually, this year a small amount kept on floweribg right through autumn and winter because our weather has been crazy!

    1. Hi Trish
      I will have a look at Bunnings next time I'm there, the coleus are good value they are all from one plant but are different in sunlight or shade but I have planted different ones and they have died but I will try again this summer.

  3. Hi Merle, nice to meet you, thanks for popping by my blog and commenting on my kitty love post. Your garden looks lovely, ours is suffering from the winter blues and the fact we are renovating our bathroom at the moment and have stuff everywhere, can't wait for some consistantly warmer weather so we can get out in it and make a difference.
    Blessings Nell

    1. OH renovating the bathroom is the worst one, we had mushrooms growing in ours so we had to pull out the floor and replace the under floor surports it had been leaking for some time and it was hard to spot the problem.

  4. Wow, you have been very, very busy. Looks like things are progressing well. Thanks so much for your visit and comment to my blog today! Susan

  5. It looks like you have been working hard in your backyard. I love those plants you have growing outdoors!


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