Friday, 31 August 2012

Last of the backyard clean up

We are back to bare earth here maybe ferns or something that likes shade. 

This was loaded up and roaring, there was a burn off in the blue mountains yesterday and the day before so it was a good time to finish the burning you can see the size of the logs.
The beer fairy job was to get the chain saw working it look some time.

This is not working and my brain hurts all was well in the end the chain saw did the job, maybe quicker with a hand saw

This is the vege garden but the cats idea was it was a toilet so the plants had to have covers the old gates worked well.


  1. Hi! Thanks...just waiting to see if my son's car was flooded...he hasn't been able to leave his ship yet.

    I like all your clean up work. Good idea with the gate cover! love,andrea

    1. My son and his wife are on their way to America today so I'm babysitting their little dog M&M for a month so I'm not doing any more work in the garden till they come back no point this little fellow likes to dig.
      I hope your son car is ok we had crazy weather here yesterday it was about 22c in the morning but in the afternoon it went down to 3c in about 1/2 hour.
      love Merle.....

    2. Hi! My son just emailed me this afternoon that his car is fine!

      Peanut butter and tomato! That is one healthy sandwich.
      I had to freeze half my peanut butter cake. I'm afraid I gained another pound this's my age I'm sure.

      I hope your son and his wife have a safe trip. Once my dog dug 18 holes in one was Christmas morning. We have a picture of my husband in shirt/tie filling in the holes. love,andrea

  2. Hi Merle,
    Looking the gates protecting the plants..clever!
    Hope the hard part's over for you deserve a rest.
    Have a good day
    Barb xxx

    1. Hello Barb,
      I'm getting better slowly but i gave this cold or whatever it is to Jodie so I not too popular with him flying out today but he suffers a lot with hay fever this time of the year let us hope that is the case any way I will rest up for the next month.
      love to all Merle ......
      see you on Monday do you have any sprouting chokos ( i spelt that wrong) but you know what I'm talking about mine was growing but got lost in the clean up.

  3. Oh Merle, I got a kick out of kitty thinking that part of the garden was his potty. Oh dear.

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog today! Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      We also have my sons dog visiting who is sure the edge of the fridge is where he should wee, I saw it and turned the fridge up until I realised what it was he is not toilet trained as he lives outside most of the time but I am trying and he is pretty smart so he will catch on. Good to hear from you.

  4. Merle,I had a chuckle when you said the Beer fairy.LOL
    We have to cover our vege garden too as the pigeons get everything.
    Thank you for your visit and nice comments. x

  5. Hi Jeanettean,
    The beer fairy has a pet pigeon (he was a truck driver) he found on the road somewhere the poor little fellow was in a bit of a mess but recovered and now lives in our back yard so all the wild birds come in and eat his food so they leave the garden alone. Pige is very protective of his area and chases them away when he can.


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